Hey Girl! Can I Get Yo Number?

Let me get them digits girl!!  Today I’m going to share a little bit about our new keypad deadbolt that we installed on our new backdoor.  I shared our plans in this post, just in case you missed it or need a refresher course.

We purchased the Kwikset SmartCode Venetian Bronze Electric Deadbolt from Home Depot I was SUPER excited about installing it, taking lots of pictures, and then writing a blog post to show you how it’s done.  But you know what?!  Things don’t always go as planned.

Would you like to know what happened?  It rained really hard for a day or tow and J.C. got off of work.  Normally when he’s in town, we eat lunch together.  I went home to have lunch with him and noticed something different.  I walked in the back door, shut it, opened it, shut it again.  I had to do a “double take.”  J.C. had installed it for me (us) as a surprise!  Isn’t that SO sweet?  I mean, who would be crazy enough to say anything but “thanks babe”… and give him a big hug and kiss?!

Hold one… you can’t hug and kiss my man!  That’s private property.  Get up off my bacon.  Anyways, seeing that he installed it when I wasn’t home, I don’t have any details or suggestions for the installation process.  He did say it was pretty easy to install and set the code.  Here are some pics, one of the inside and the outside.



Pretty cool, huh?  Ok… so there is another thing in this picture that is very funny.  Do you see it?  Look really hard.  Hint: it’s to the left of the keypad.  Do you see him now?  Yeah, Scooter was jumping up and down trying to see me.  He’s a nut… a nut that can jump REALLY high.

Want to now what our code is?  It’s ****.  Did you seriously think I was going to give it to you?  I’d be straight up crazy (no comment) if I did that; however, if you need to give your code out to contractors or the pest control guys, it an easily be changed.

Even though I can’t really expand on the installation process, I can tell you how much we are enjoying the keypad. It’s so convenient.  I love the fact that we don’t have to keep up with a key.  You just press in the code, it unlocks, and you walk inside.  Simple and easy.  At night, you can push the lock key first and that will make the keypad light up.  These picture weren’t taken at night, but they show you “how it’s done.”



Then push in your code.  When you are leaving the house, you just press the same lock key button and leave.  It’s just that simple.

If you want to lock it from the inside, you just turn this little lever and it’s locked.  It also allows you to have two separate codes.  I’m still unsure how this could benefit you, because both codes work at the same time.  Also, head on over to one of my favorite blogs and see how Kate just recently installed a keypad deadbolt on her studio door.

So, how cool is this keypad deadbolt on our new back door?  Isn’t it so simple?  It sure has simplified our routines.  Leave a comment below and tell me if you HAVE to have a keypad now?!







4 thoughts on “Hey Girl! Can I Get Yo Number?

  1. My friends in North Dakota had this! I absolutely Loved it! I want one one day! Was it a big dent int he budget?! I bet it’s worth it though! No more hidden keys, or locked outside the house with keys inside on a hot or cold day! (Spoken from experience)

  2. This is genius. And I’m not surprised JC did such a sweet thing for his woman! It’s just his character 🙂 I was one of those people 5 years ago that said, “you know, it would be so awesome if you could just press numbers, like you can on certain vehicles, to open your house door.” I’m glad someone felt the same way! I hated coming home to mamas house at night and I couldn’t see ANYTHING and had to feel around to get the key in the lock. Very frustrating. So I absolutely love this idea!! Very convenient!

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