The Main Squeeze

Today, I want to introduce you to our living room.  It’s a very nice room with lots of space and two almost floor to ceiling windows.  We recently had our front door replaced, which is about 3/4 glass.  If you missed that, I PROMISE you will want to check it out.  Just click here for all the deets.  Needless to say, it also lets in a lot of natural light.  I’m a sucker for all that natural light.

The only two updates that have occured in the living room so far are- 1). new front door and 2). replacing the “jail rails” with wooden 6″ by 6″ beams.  For more about those updates, just view this post.  We have a lot of space to fill in this area.  Some very thought out decisions need to be made so that we can maximize the space that we have.  The room is long and narrow.  Our front door also opens up into the room.

We have already purchased and assembled the Everett Foyer Table from World Market.  It is gorgeous.  It looks old and worn and was a breeze to put together.  And you KNOW that I waited until they were having a good sale!  It’s normally $299.99, but we picked it up for $239.00!  Ya Hoo!  Wanna see?!

everett table

I don’t have a picture of it in our space yet because it’s hidden behind boxes filled with supplies such as: vanities, toilets, tile, fans, lights, etc.  Oh the life of living in construction!  But I ain’t complaining… at least we have a roof over our heads!

Now that I have that out of the way, I’ll show you some “before” photos of the living room.  These were taken before we moved in.  Then I will share some thought and ideas we have rolling around in our brains. This is a view of the whole room.  I’m standing just inside the front door and turned left to take this picture.


The picture makes it seem very narrow… but it’s kind of an optical illusion.  I mean, it is narrow… but not THAT narrow.  It’s also very long… like almost 30 foot long.  Lots of room to play with.  This next pic is a close up of the fireplace and built-ins.


Sorry about the bluriness (operator error).  The built-ins are very nice, custom made actually.  The big black thing, also known as an insert, is going.  We had one in our old house and they are scary and ugly and a hassle to deal with.  Don’t get me wrong, they put out some heat.  It’s gettin hot in hur… so please keep ON your clothes.  #anothersongreference

We are worried about having to remove the built-ins when the sheetrock is being put in.  There just doesn’t seem to be enought room to work around them.  We’ll see when we get there… but it isn’t looking good.  On the bright side, I love the storage and the “classic” look of built-ins around a fireplace.  If they have to be removed, they WILL be replaced with new ones!  I’d prefer they go all the way to the ceiling… and maybe have some lights in them.  Fancy!

These next pictures are… well… boring… BUT, it’s where some of our furniture will go, so I wanted to show you.



And last but not least, the other end of the room.  This is where I was standing when I took of shot of the room from a distance.


This was obviously taken before we moved in… because that isn’t even our piece of furniture.  The previous owners had their furniture set up at the other end of the room with their backs to the fireplace.  Their television sat on this console and they watched t.v. from the OTHER end of the room. We’re gonna change things up a bit.

We’ll have this area staged as an entryway/foyer/drop all your crap here and come on in spot!  Our furniture will be facing the fireplace with the television on the mantle.  I can’t wait to sit in front of the fireplace on a cold winter night and drink a cup of hot cocoa! I’m going to be nice and give you a sneak peek of how we want to “stage” the room.

living room setup

I created this little “floorplan” with the Room Planner Tool from Pottery Barn.  It gives you the option to place their funiture, rugs, etc. into your space.  Cool, huh?  Check it out here I used this tool because we have seriously been considering purchasing some sofas and recliners from there.  Does anybody want to go ahead and give me an all expenses paid shopping spree to Pottery Barn?  I would not oblige.  It’s so helpful to see how everything will look BEFORE you make your purchases.  And for clarification purposes, our fireplace and built-ins would be just past the couches (at the top of the picture).

Well folks, what do you think about our living room?  Isn’t it a pretty good sized space?  Do you like the furniture setup that we have mapped out?  If you’ll leave me some comments, I share more of our ideas and thoughts for this space later on this week!  Comment below!

5 thoughts on “The Main Squeeze

    • Thanks Melissa! I have read so many articles where designers say “take your time”… it’s easy to make a costly mistake when you are rushed.

  1. I love the way you are going to set your furniture! Great way to have full conversations with everybody! And, how you can just sit back, reclined and watch the tv and fireplace!

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