Why Don’t You Just Paint The Paneling?

Well… because we don’t want to.  That’s why 🙂

We have been asked numerous times by MANY people, “Instead of spending money to have sheetrock (drywall) installed, why don’t you just paint your paneling?  I’ve seen a lot of painted paneling.  It looks nice!”

Our normal response if very nice and not at all rude, “Well, we just want sheetrock.  That’s just our style and what we have had planned this whole time.”  We totally get where people are coming from and understand why they tell us we should “just paint the paneling.”  It would be so much easier to “just paint the paneling.”  But that’s not what we want.

Now, do I sound like a DIVA or what?  I’m sure I do.  And that’s alright, because I know that J.C. and I are coming from a good place when we are making so many changes to this house.  What I haven’t mentioned so far is that this house was a family house, meaning somebody in my husband’s family owned it before we did.  Now, I want to make clear that this house was not part of an inheritance or a gift.  We purchased this house.  We were told by the family members when were considering buying it that they didn’t want us buying it if we couldn’t feel like it was ours.

So, we are on a mission to make it OURS.  J.C. and Rosalind’s house.  We both realize that some people aren’t going to like the changes we make and some will even be offended.  And that’s okay.  You know why?  Because once we invite them over into our newly improved space, we will do our best to shower them with so much love and hospitality, they won’t even realize that it isn’t the same anymore.  I mean, sure they will realize, but it won’t be something they are worried about.  We plan to make this house our home, slowly but surely.  And we also plan on sharing many memories with many special people in this house, just like the previous owners did.

Now then, how are you feeling?  Is your blood pressure soaring?  Are you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside?  Or are you just ready for us to invite you over already?  I didn’t not type these words to offend anybody.  Not even in the slightest.  If you know me and know my heart, you know that I would never want to offend or hurt somebody.  That’s not the way I was raised.  I just wanted everyone to know why we are making SO many changes…. because it’s our house now…. and it needs to reflect us.

Speaking of paneling, it’s in every room of the house (minus the bathrooms).  That means that most of the “before” picture you have seen have been very brown.  For example, brown paneling….


More brown paneling…


More brown paneling (and some pink curtains)…


Oh look!  More brown paneling…


Now, do you see how I feel people?  There is just entirely too much brown paneling.  I actually grew up in a home that had paneling in a few rooms.  Surprisingly enough, it didn’t bother me that much.  When J.C. and I moved into our first home (the one we recently lost to a fire), it had no paneling.  So, I guess you could say I became more of a sheetrock fan.  And that’s alright.  To each his own.

Right after we lost our previous home to a fire, the thought did cross my mind.  I wondered, “maybe we SHOULD just paint the paneling?!”  But then I reeled my emotions back in and reminded myself that isn’t what we initially decided on.  And then I specifically remembered reading John and Sherry’s post about trying to paint their paneling in their previous home.  Seems like a bad dream.  I changed my mind very quick!

Our plan is to replace every square inch of paneling with sheetrock/drywall.  It was delivered last week.  All 100 pieces!  Oh and did I forget to mention that each piece weighs 50 pounds.  Yeah, that’s 5,500 pounds.  Wanna see?


The sheets were $9.98 a piece.  We needed 100 pieces so that was around $1000.  But you KNOW I had a coupon.  Delivery was around $114, so by the time the 10% discount from the coupon was applied, the delivery was free!  Can I get an amen?!  Do you know what that means for J.C. and I?  It means that we didn’t have to kill each other or go to therapy or counseling after having to remove each piece of drywall off of the trailor and onto the carport by hand.  I would have paid double for the delivery to keep from having to do all of that nonsense.

Next up, is the installation.  We had high hopes that we would be able to install it ourselves.  We really like a challenge and love to learn new things; however, this is the busiest time of year for J.C.’s line of work and it just doesn’t look promising.  But you know what?  We are okay with that.  There will be plenty of DIY to do down the line… I promise 🙂

I will take progress pics of the drywall installation, the mudding and floating process, and all that other fun stuff!  I can’t wait to see how different it will look.  We are very eager for it to feel like “home.”  Right now it is merely a house, but soon enough, we’ll be able to call it home.

So, how do you feel about the changes we are making?  For family members, does it sting a little bit or are you STOKED?  I hope you love the changes we make!  And for those of you that aren’t really invested, do you think we are CRAZY for doing all of this work?  Are you wondering, “why don’t you just paint the paneling?”


6 thoughts on “Why Don’t You Just Paint The Paneling?

  1. It is my understanding that there is Sheetrock behind every square inch of dark paneling… Thus – you might not need all that Sheetrock!!!! Just rip off the paneling and repair nail holes with Sheetrock mud and sand – then you would be ready to paint!! Love you both very much and am happy to see the progress in the house. I have shed many tears looking at the pics but not because I am upset over the changes – It is just memories are so precious of time spent in this house!!! (as I wipe said tears off my face AGAIN!!)

    • Glad you like the changes. We consulted with someone and they said it wasn’t worth trying to redo the old paneling, which is under the paneling on the exterior walls. Thanks for the tip though.

  2. We tried the whole, ripping down the paneling and redoing the Sheetrock that was behind it….. No bueno! It did not turn out well! Even after filing in holes with mud! And the construction adhesive would NOT come off! We even painted with a textured paint…. Still didn’t turn out well! I’m glad you are going to start fresh! Can’t beat a blank canvas! 🙂

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