I’m Just a Succa for Succulents

It’s true.  I am a HUGE sucker for succulents.  I have a lot of them, inside and outside.  They are just so darn cute.  I can’t help myself.  Why not love succulents? Before I share more about my little “succulent potting party,” I will share some of the reasons I really do like succulents.

  1. They are part of the cactus family… which means they are very hardy
  2. Seeing that they are like a cactus, if you forget to water them, that’s okay (they like to be thirsty)
  3. Potting them takes little to no effort
  4. They do well inside and outside (as long as it doesn’t rain on them too much)
  5. Some of them have “leaves” that break off easily; however, just push that little “leaf” down into some soil and it will root and start growing into another little succulent plant
  6. There are a bazillion different types

I’m sure I could think of a few more reasons, but I’ll leave it at 6.  Did I mention that they are really cute?  Oh, I did?!  Just making sure I mentioned that 🙂 I purchased these cuties at Home Depot (the mini cactus plants) and the other plant came from Wal-Mart.  I normally pick up some each year at our local greenhouse, Cosby’s.  I’m sure I’ll get around to that!  The little containers came from the Dollar Tree.


Doesn’t this picture make you smile?  When I see those little watering can containers and those pink and orange succulents, I smile.  They are so fun.  I promise not to bore you too much on a tutorial on how to pot plants.  It isn’t rocket science, well, it shouldn’t be.  I’ll just give you a quick run through. First off, I add a little soil at the bottom of my containers.  I add just enough that when I place the plant in the container, the top of it’s soil is flush with the top of the container.  Does that make any sense?



Do you see how the top of the plant soil is at the top of the container?  Just make sure it isn’t too low or your plant might suffocate or drown… I think?! Now just add soil around the plant.  It’s kind of hard to when your container is small.  Just use a spoon or a little cup to put the soil in there and then smush it down with your fingers.  Write all the down.  Those are technical terms and instructions.  It just doesn’t get better than that folks.




How do you think they turned out?  If you weren’t smiling before, are you smiling now?  If not, you may need to get yo head checked!  Just to settle the soil, add a little water into the pots.  Now, where to put them?!?  I have mine in my kitchen window seal.  They are a nice touch and break up all of the brown cabinets… and paneling… and trim… and anything else brown that I’m leaving out.

Would you like to know how much this little “planting session” cost me?  Each container was obviously $1.00, seeing that they came from the Dollar Tree.  The plants were $3.97 a piece.  I already had a bag of potting soil.  I barely had to use any so we won’t count it this time.  That comes to a total of $15.00.  That isn’t bad at all, especially since those plants will last you a long time… that’s if you don’t kill them.

So, did you know succulents were so easy to keep?  Do you have any?  Any favorites?  Please tell me you have never killed a succulent.  You can drown it, so be careful.  Leave a comment below to tell me if these little plants made you smile.

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