Pump, Pump, Pump It Up

Today, I want to introduce you to our pump house. Do you know what a pump house is? Maybe you do but you call it something different?! A pump house is a little out building that houses your well that pumps water out of the ground and into your house. You won’t have a pump house if you are connected to city water; however, if you live in a “rural” area (aka in the country), you more than likely have a pump house.

Ours is located near our double carport, which I haven’t shown you guys yet.  It is a little too close to the house for my taste; however, it cannot be moved.  So, it shall sit there… forever.  Would you like to see a few photos?  I’ll start with the front and work my way around.


And here it is with the door open.  I LOVE the inside of the door.  It’s rustic and old and chippy and charming and the list goes on.  I have big plans for that door.


One side…


The “back side”…


And the other side…


Well, what do you think?  It isn’t much to look at is it?  I don’t think it is meant to look pretty.  But by the time I get done with it, you won’t even recognize old pumpy.  There is definitely nothing wrong with the pump house, it just needs a little lot of TLC.  Know what I’m saying?  A good power washing is a must.  Cleaning up the dead plants and clearing out leaves and weeds is happening ASAP.  Wait, that already happened.  While I was out there taking pics, I decided to give this pump house the attention it deserved.


It’s looking better already.  I raked a lot of dead stuff out of this little area.  Oh wait, it wasn’t ALL dead.  I might have had a minor  no it was  Big no it was actually a REALLY MAJOR incident with a frog during my clean up session.  Thank God he didn’t get on me.  Let’s just say there was lots of screaming and running involved.  I prayed the rest of the time I was cleaning that side out that a frog wouldn’t get me. #nojoke #prayerworks

I added cannas, elephant ears and salvia flowers.  This is a low area of the yard so all of these plants SHOULD do good here with the extra moisture!  I’ll share another picture once the plants get really established.  I also cleaned up around the front and on the other side as well.



Can you even tell a difference?  I sure can!  I don’t know what kind of grassy plant that is, but I’m leaving it because it does so well in that spot.  I also discovered that I have 3 hydrangeas.  I pruned the dead looking sticks.  I hope I don’t kill the hydrangeas, because I really like those. I can’t wait to power wash this puppy and give it a little character.  I’m tempted to share what I have planned for the door, but I think I’m going to make you wait.  There was a piece of iron work on our old house that wasn’t damaged during the fire.  I plan on adding that to the pump house as well.  It should be a nice touch to the bare exterior.

I’m also in search for some more plants that can handle lots of sun and water.  Know any of those?  I need to do a little research.  The idea of a little border sounds fun.  Maybe some stones?  Or maybe even monkey grass all the way around it as a little border?  Some stepping stones between the carport and the pump house would make it much easier to access… and would be a super easy, inexpensive addition.

So, what do you think… Did I do a good job of cleaning up around the pump house?  Does anybody have a clue what kind of “billowy” grass that is?  Did I kill the hydrangeas when I cut off the dead looking sticks?  I sure hope not!  Leave a comment below!

9 thoughts on “Pump, Pump, Pump It Up

  1. Looks a lot better! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the inside of that door! Could you flip it, so it faces the outside, with some kind of protectant cover?? Idk. I have seen on Pinterest where instead of stone walkway, a wooden chip walkway! It is soo perfect for outside around flowers! It’s just tree trunks cut into about 2-3 inch slabs then coated in protectant so it doesn’t rot! A bunch of round tree trunk chips sitting around would be cute! 🙂 (and fun to blog about May I add!)

  2. I just sent you a ton of pins on Pinterest! For anyone else that would like to know what we are talking about, search ‘log stepping stones’ on your Pinterest account!

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