Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother.  Momma.  Mommy.  Mom.  Any way you slice it, Mothers are so special.  There aren’t enough words to express how awesome Mothers truly are.

They do SO much for their children.  From pregnancy, to giving birth, to sleepless nights, to teething toddlers, to packing lunches, to brushing hair, to piano lessons, to high school prom, to more sleepless nights.  They sacrifice so much, yet it’s hard to realize until you are old enough to appreciate all they have done for you.  You start to understand how much they gave you so you could have…

I cannot say enough kind things about my own mother.  She’s loving, kind, funny, selfless, a peace makes, wise, and a fine Christian woman.  If you know her, you’ll agree.  Maybe one day when I become a mother (to a child other than our hairy kids), I hope I’m half the mom she is to my brothers and I.  Want to make a bet?  She’ll probably call me after she reads this and will say, “you made me cry!”

Every year when Mother’s Day rolls around, I feel like it’s important for my brothers and I to shower her with love and gifts because her mother isn’t here anymore.  I like to think it keeps her mind busy. However, when I try to think of a gift, they always seem to fall short.  It’s hard to say, ‘thanks for everything you have done for me for the last 24 years’ with a candle or a bouquet of flowers.  Know what I mean?  But I know that she just wants to be with us.  Gifts don’t matter… they are just icing on the cake.  Did somebody say cake?!

So… I thought I might put together a few BUY or DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas.  I found these two necklaces on Etsy.  (For more information and pricing, just click on the picture.)


I like this one because of the family tree.  You could do the children’s or grandchildren’s initials.  This next one is so simple and says, “I’ll love ya forever!”

necklace mothersday2

Aren’t they pretty?  I think most Mothers would be proud to have these necklaces.

The next couple of gifts are ones that you can DIY.  They would be great from grandkids to grandmothers or from kids to moms.



Isn’t that so sweet?  If I was a mom (or grandma), I would love to receive this gift. Next up…



I love these little butterflies made out of feet.  My neice and I did this one day and surprised her mom.  She loved making it and I think her mom liked it too 🙂

Another awesome idea is to take pictures of the little ones, frame them, and give them out.  Momma and grandmas don’t like to do anything more than brag on their kiddos.



Come on ya’ll?!  You can’t deny that your heart would melt if you received this picture for Mother’s Day.  So, so sweet.

One last place I wanted to mention was ShutterflyI just recently had my first personal experience with them and was very pleased.  You can order all kinds of items on their website that would make mom smile.  From brag books, to blankets, to magnets, and everything in between, there a lots of items that she will surely cherish and love.

I hope I was able to give you a few ideas for Mother’s Day gifts.  Let me know if you decide to try your hand at a DIY gift.  I would love to know how it turned out!  If you are a mother, leave a comment below and tell us about your most memorable Mother’s Day gift.

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