Goodwill Hunting

That’s a movie, right?  Well, I’m sure you already know that this post isn’t about that movie.  How did you guess?!  This post is actually about hunting for some good deals at Goodwill.  I know that some people are “freaked out” about shopping at second-hand stores… and that is alright.  If you are one of those people, this post might surprise you… or just straight up freak you out.  I hope it isn’t that latter 🙂

We don’t live in a big city, so I have to travel about 40-60 minutes to get to Goodwill.  This time I went to Goodwill in Monroe.  I’m not always in the mood to go to consignment shops, but I was this last time!  There are two different Goodwill stores in the Monroe/West Monroe area.  I went to this one off of Louisville.


It’s pretty big, I guess?!  It has a lot of clothes… probably like 75% clothes and 25% household items.  I’ll share a few things that I found and how I might change them up and use them in my home.

First up, I found this cute little electric tea kettle.


(Sorry for some of the grainy pictures.  I forgot my camera was in my purse… duh!  I remembered after I took a few iPhone pics.  You’ll just have to suffer through until I get to the camera pics.)

Isn’t this little tea pot SO cute.  I thought it was just a regular tea pot at first, but then turned it over and realized it was electric.  It wasn’t a bad price.


I didn’t buy this for a couple of reasons.  First off, I couldn’t find the cord that made it “electric.”  Secondly, I don’t NEED an electric tea kettle.  It did have the glass type material inside that keeps the liquid warm… which would be nice for hot tea or coffee.  It the cord would have been with, it would have been a perfect buy.

Next up, I found these two really cute containers/dishes/whatever you want to call them.


Aren’t they cute?  And they were really well priced.  The one of the left was $3.99 and the right was $1.99.  You could use these for many purposes.  I could see the left one holding q-tips in the bathroom or maybe holding sugar cubes in the kitchen (right by the coffee pot).  I actually purchased the little “bowl” on the right.  I have always fancied blue and I thought for $1.99, why not?!

I’ll probably use it for holding my jewelry that I take off at the end of the day, like my earrings.  Or maybe at the kitchen sink to hold my rings when I wash dishes (my LEAST FAVORITE CHORE).  Who knows where it will end up.  It’s so versatile that it could be put to good use in almost any room of the house.  I really wanted the duck with the blue bonnet on, but it was just too pricey 🙂 #justkidding

The next couple of things I ran into could be very versatile as well… and I might have changed them up too.


I thought this little brass seashell was priced pretty well, $1.99 if my memory serves me right.  Wouldn’t this be SO cute spray painted in a bright color, like blue, green, pink, or maybe even white?!  You could use it in the bathroom to hold a bar of soap.  I could also see it used for loose change or jewelry.  You could also use it in an office space to hold thumb tacks or paper clips.

Some of you might not like this next little item… and that’s okay.  I thought it could be repurposed in a few different ways.


And the price was good too!


99 cent?!  Are ya kidding me?  Now, how would I use this?!  I think it could be quiet charming if you left it as is… just give it a little TLC.  Some Pledge might have done the trick.  If not, I’m sure some Restorafinish would have brought this baby back to life.  I personally think it would be cute hanging on the wall in the right spot.  It could also serve the purpose of a serving tray… or maybe even to hold fruit on the counter.

Another idea I had was to spray paint it a fun color (thinking green, yellow, or red like an apple).  It would still be cute to put on the wall in a kitchen or a kids room.  You could also use it to hold crayons and markers.  Since it’s so cute,  you could just leave it out and let it act as “art” while it is serving the purpose of corralling the kid’s “stuff.”

Next up are these little things… I don’t even know what they are!


I’m assuming they are some sort of fruit spoon thingy?!  Like maybe for grapefruit or something.  I thought they were so charming and the price was right at $0.99.  I didn’t get them because I had no clue what their intended purpose was.  Do you know what they are?

The next item I found went into my cart, quick and in a hurry.


Isn’t it fab?  You may recognize it because it’s from Target.  You might even own it!  There was absolutely nothing wrong with it!  It’s from the Threshold line sold at Target.  I promise you it was more than $7.99 brand new at Target, which is how much I paid for it!  CHA-CHING!  I plan on using it outside on our little patio area… I think.  I might vamp it up a little bit with some paint or glaze, we’ll see.

Now, the next couple of things I’m about to show you are material (literally) objects… like pillows and such.  You have to be careful about these types of items at Goodwill.  Watch for stains and what not.  I kind of get the hebby jebbies about stuff like this at second-hand stores.  If it looks clean, you can have it dry cleaned or wash it with hot water once you get home to kill any germs.  If it looks sketchy, you might let Goodwill keep it.  That’s just my two cents about that subject.

These pillows were actually brand new from Target, the Threshold line again.  If I needed these colors for my house, I wouldn’t have hesitated to bring these bad boys home and give them a good washing!


Isn’t this one fun?  And it was marked at $4.99.  You can’t get them that cheap anywhere else folks!  This next one coordinated with the one above.  They would go really good in a teenager’s room.


The fabric on them was kind of like wool… I’m sure it wasn’t REAL wool, but that’s what it felt like.

This next pillow isn’t from Target… I don’t think.  I’ve seen this brand at TJ Maxx.  It’s also made in the USA, so that’s a big plus.



This one was a dollar less, at $3.99.  And the good thing about paying next to nothing for these throw pillows is that you can give them back to Goodwill or another thrift store when you get tired of them.  You could also just buy a pillow cover and use them until they were literally worn out!

So, did you have fun shopping with me?  If I would have bought everything I showed you here, it still wouldn’t have been $50.  I couldn’t say the same if we were at a store where everything was new.  Sometimes it’s fun to find treasures and change them up a bit to fit your taste a little better.  With some of these items, they didn’t need changing at all… just a hot bath!

Well, did I convert you?  Are you going to give second-hand stores like Goodwill a chance from now on?  Don’t be discouraged if you go in and find NOTHING!  That happens to me quite often.  Just go back another day!  Would you have thought to repurpose these items like I suggested?  Is it hard for you to see an item for anything other than its intended purpose?  Leave a comment below!  I LOVE hearing from you guys.










3 thoughts on “Goodwill Hunting

  1. Yay Ros! Yo momma is the ultimate Goodwill hunter 🙂 I hunt Goodwill in Conway 2-3 times per month! Great bargains and neat finds. So proud of my little bargain-hunter lol

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