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Artwork can make or break a space, no?!  For example, if you had a picture of Marilyn Monroe in a very rustic lodge, you might get a few weird looks.  Or if you have a canvas print of a rustic cabin by the lake in an ultra modern home, it just wouldn’t fit. If we had a “set style” I would like to think of our style as rustic chic with a transitional twist.  We like rustic accents here and there; however, we also like for a few things to be chic and “over the top.”  It’s also important to make sure some of your key elements are timeless. I think that art should match your style and your home… but that is just a personal opinion of mine.

You may think that the artwork that I’m about to show you doesn’t go with our house at all and that’s okay.  We all have to love what’s in our homes.  As long as we like “our” stuff, that’s all that really matters. So, let’s get started.  I’m just going to share with you some art that I’ve been eyeballing for our new home.  We haven’t made any final decisions on art for our home, these are just some that caught my eye.  Before we get started, if you would like more info or pricing on a piece of art, just click on the picture and it will link to the website.  For our kitchen/dining area, I would love the following:

Two Dozen Eggs

 These eggs are just so fabulous.  Out of all the art in this post, this one is hands down one of my favorites.  I love birds… leading me to love bird eggs I guess.  There is just something so sweet and innocent about this print.  It’s a piece that I think could make a statement in a lot of homes, including ours. I also like this little print.

kitchen list

You would need just the right space for this because of the size; it’s long and skinny.  I like typography and this one is neutral and could work well in a space with other art without having to compete.  It also comes in a blue color that’s really neat! This next piece would look cool in our dining or laundry/mudroom areas.  It’s real funky!

king pelica

Kind of quirky… but I like it!  I tend to be a little quirky as well, so maybe that’s why I’m drawn to this one.  Another cool things about it is that it’s a canvas print, so if you didn’t want to, framing this piece isn’t necessary. Here’s another print that I really, Really, REALLY want near our front or back entrances.

hey yall

I mean, could you find a better piece of artwork for a southern couple’s home?  Probably not.  I love the saying (which you can catch me saying often) and the gold lettering takes it over the top.  I could see this going really well in our laundry/mudroom area.  If you missed our laundry/mudroom plans and ideas, just click hereI’ve had my eye on this piece for a while.  It’s such a good price, I’ll probably pull the trigger on this one!

Now, the next picture I show you may or may not make sense for our space, but I can’t help but like it and the fab colors.  These are the colors that I am just naturally drawn to… that’s probably why I like this piece so well.

golden koi

Maybe it would be cool to get a small print of this and use it as a “seasonal” piece on an accent table or bookshelf?  I’m just so nervous about trying to commit to this one… for some strange reason.  Does it go with our space?  I think it would be neat somewhere in the living room, but that’s just my humble crazy opinion.

This next print would look SO perfect in our master bath.  In fact, I’m already 100% sure that I am buying this one.  I just don’t know what size yet.

spa day

The following disclaimer is for any of you that are disturbed or in shock.  First off, make sure you still have a steady pulse.  The lady is naked but nothing is showing.  If you can’t say this print is beautiful, please get your eyes checked too.  Ok… in all seriousness, this is the perfect piece for our master bathroom.  I love taking baths and enjoy going to the spa and so when I look at this, I can pretend it’s me.  If you aren’t fond of this picture, that’s okay.  Just don’t use my master bath when you come over.  No harm, no foul. 🙂

Next up on the list, some “normal” prints for the front bath.  Again these aren’t for sure purchases, I’m just day dreaming.  Day dreaming is fun and doesn’t cost anything.  Win, Win!

blue tulips red tulip

There’s something about these flowers.  I like both of them and think they would be a lovely addition to our guest bathroom.  Plus, flowers wouldn’t offend people like a naked lady would.  🙂

This last one is pretty fab!  I think it would definitely make a statement in our master.  The colors would be gorgeous.  On the other hand, this print would look amazing in a nursery… especially for a little boy.  I’ll have to file that away for when the time comes.

royal elephant

What is it about elephants?  Do you know what I’m talking about?  They are just so massive and mysterious.  They seem so interesting.  I like real elephants and apparently fakes one too.

One last thing I should tell you.  My husband is an artist… and a very good one at that.  His pottery and artwork hold a very special place in my heart and will always be displayed in our home.  Once it’s time to put nails in the wall, you’ll get to see some of his work.  I’m so glad that his artwork wasn’t damaged when our previous home was taken by a fire.  Thank you Jesus!  I also have family and friends that paint, draw, needlepoint, etc.  I love displaying their treasures as well.  And since I love a good DIY, you’ll surely see some artwork made by yours truly.  It might not be a painting or drawing, but it will still be “art.”

So, are you an “artsy” person?  Do you like typography or paintings more?  Do you have a favorite piece?  Which pieces that I showed you do you think we should include in our home?  Leave a comment below… that’s IF you didn’t pass out after seeing the naked lady.

P.S. did not pay me to write this post.  All of these choices and opinions are mine.

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