Poof, Be Gone

If you can finish that song, I’ll give you 10,000 bonus points.  I’m sure that the readers around my age are now wanting to shoot me because now they have that silly song stuck in their head.  Ooopppsss… I did it again.  Wow, I just can’t stop the music jokes.  Intervention may be needed.  Somebody call the doctor.

Anyways, let’s get serious (yeah right).  There have been quite a few changes made to our house recently.  In a previous post where I showed you our kitchen, I shared our plans to change up the space a little bit.  If you missed that particular post, just click here.

Ok, now that everybody is up to speed on the kitchen plans, I’ll share a before and after picture of the changes that we’ve made to this space.  This picture was taken before we bought the house and moved in.


It’s hard to tell in the picture, but that upper cabinet came down way too low for a semi-tall person like me.  Poor J.C. would have to squat to see through that opening.  Hunchback of Notre Dame strikes again.  When the fridge is where it is supposed to be, it was extremely close to the lower cabinets (the little bar area)… so they had to go too!  And here it is now!


Do you see any differences?  The wall paper is gone, the upper and lower cabinet are gone/relocated, and I took some of the cabinet doors off.  Now, please excuse the mess.  This was taken right after the contractors left.  Just keeping it real.  It doesn’t look much different now… and the contractors left three weeks ago 🙂

That is all beside the point.  Doesn’t is feel so much more open?  We love it already and we are not even close to being done with this space.  Those base cabinets are going to be reused.  Do you see them on that wall to the left?  They are “sitting” in place right now, just to give us an idea of what they will look like and all.  We figure we might as well use them; otherwise, we would have lost valuable cabinet and counter space.

Don’t forget that all of the cabinets will be painted white.  Won’t it be so pretty in here?  I get excited every time I think about it.  As I mentioned in this post, we would love to hand craft an island on casters that could be moved around this open area.  We have gathered some ideas from various stores/websites.  Can’t wait to start that project.

So, do you think we made the right choice by getting rid of those top cabinets and relocating the bottom ones?  I hope we like our decision in the long run.  Leave a comment below and tell us if you would have done the same thing!

P.S.  Momma called the doctor and the doctor said, “No more monkeys jumping on the bed!”  #imdone



4 thoughts on “Poof, Be Gone

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