Bartimus Cartimus

I have a thing for the color green.  I think I get it from my mother and her sister.  You see, both my mother and I were born in August, which means our birth stone is peridot.  It’s a gorgeous green color.  My aunt wasn’t born in August, but adores peridot.  So, it’s safe to say I get my love of green honestly.  It just runs in the family.  Here’s one reason I love green.



Can you blame me?  Aren’t those babies gorgeous?  I would love a pair of these… hint, hint J.C.! On my drive in to work one day, I noticed something cute and GREEN in the window of a local store called Crossett Mercantile Company No. 3.  Since I was driving (fast), I didn’t get the best look at whatever the “green item” might be.  I made a mental note to look again (and to drive a little slower) next time I went by.  I finally figured out what it was… a bar cart.

So, on my lunch break one day, I marched into that store to check things out.  I figured that “bartimus cartimus” might have a hefty price tag attached.  I’m not really sure what I was willing to pay, but was thinking it would be out of my price range anyways.  I asked the lady at the checkout counter how much it was. “It’s $39.”  Uhm… did you say thirty nine dollars?  That was music to my ears.  “It was $49, but has been marked down to $39.”  Really?  My middle name is Marked Down.  I love a good deal.

Would you like to see a picture of Bartimus Cartimus?


Isn’t it so cute!  The color isn’t quiet accurate because my lighting was off… but you get the drift.  It’s got this faux bamboo thing going on.  It’s funky and fresh… and I like it!  There’s glass shelves on top and bottom.  It’s also on casters so it can be rolled around.  J.C. and I won’t be using this bar cart for its intended purpose.  But that’s just how I roll sometimes, no pun intended.

Just think of Ariel from Little Mermaid.  She used a dingelhopper (fork) as a comb.  Hello people, be resourceful!  Think outside of the box.  It could be used for storage, to serve off of at parties, a coffee station, a “landing strip”, a nightstand, etc., etc., etc.!  The possibilities are endless really. I love the color, so I’m going to leave it as is.  Can’t wait to see where it ends up and how we will put it to good use.  You gotta earn yo keep around here!  Ya got me?  You can’t just sit around and take up valuable real estate.

I’ve seen bar carts online and in stores but normally never under $100, much less $39.  I’ve seen them in the $200-$300 range as well.  I would have never bought one online (because I wasn’t really looking for one) and especially not for a lot of money.  FYI- once the house gets back to normal from all of the renos, I will do another post on where/how we use our little Bartimus Cartimus.  I think it will be fun to dress it up and add a few accessories!

Just remember, you don’t always have to use things for their intended use.  Think outside the box!  If you are unsure about whether or not your “idea” for something is reasonable (or a good idea), just snap a pic, text it to a friend (or me), and ask them… “Could I use this ________ as a ________?”  I would love to help a sista (or brother) out.  Leave a comment below to tell me what you’ve used in your home in an unconventional way.  What was the intended purpose and how are you putting it to good use?


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