Travel Tips 101

I like to think of myself as a well versed traveler. As a child, my family would go on a very nice vacation every year. As soon as we got home from one, my mom started planning another. I definitely inherited that trait from here. If I don’t have a trip (even if it’s small) to look forward to, I go crazy. Just ask my husband and father. We took a trip together after my college graduation and they said that they felt like they had already been there and come back because mom and I discussed it so much beforehand. Ooppsss…sorry guys! ūüôā

This May, I have to travel across country for a work trip. I’m very excited! The destination is… Hollywood, California. Of course, that also include Los Angeles, Malibu, Santa Monica, etc., etc., etc.! My mother is going with me. Normally I would take J.C., but his work schedule just doesn’t allow him to get away much in the summer months. Anyways, we are counting down the days! I thought I would share a few of my favorite travel tips. From packing a suitcase to planning ahead, I will touch on a few of my favorite things to do/remember.

First off, before you leave, just go ahead and make a list. If you don’t make a list, you are bound to forget something. And you may actually forget something very important… like your clothes… or a cell phone charger… or your credit card.¬† The list doesn’t have to be detailed… just make sure you create one.¬† Here’s one that I had put together for a work trip.¬† It’s a little more of a priority to know exactly what I will wear on work trips, so that’s why there is a detailed breakdown of the clothes for each day.


I always create my list in Excel and put a little box out beside the item.¬† Once it’s in my suitcase, I check it off.¬† Now, you may think this is so anal… but it’s just part of my personality.

The next tip I have is also about packing.¬† Make sure to pack your shoes in a large¬†plastic ziplock bag.¬† I have also used those little¬†clear zippered bags that pillowcases come in.¬† This keeps your shoes¬†from touching your clothes.¬† You are probably wondering what the big deal is about the shoes touching the clothes.¬† Just think about it for a minute.¬† You are about to trapse ALL OVER A¬†CITY that is nasty and has¬†germs everywhere.¬†¬†Your shoes are going to¬†pick up “nastiness” on every surface you walk on.¬† I¬†don’t want all¬†of that “stuff” touching¬†my other “stuff.”¬† Gross would be an understatement.¬† Plus, if you step in something sticky or what not, it won’t get on other items in your suitcase.

For us girls, this is a good tip!¬† Wrap your curling/flat iron in a pillowcase.¬† Once you get to your destination, if you want, use the¬†pillowcase on your hotel pillow.¬† Then at the end of the trip, wrap your curling/flat iron back in the pillowcase.¬† More than likely, you will use the styling utensil¬†right before you leave to head home.¬† It will be hot and you¬†won’t have time for it to cool off.¬† Wrap it in the¬†pillowcase and you won’t have to worry about anything else in your¬†suitcase getting too hot or burned.

My next tip is to¬†pack some basics.¬† For example, don’t¬†pack a shirt that will only go with ONE pair of pants or a particular skirt.¬† That’s¬†just too fussy for vacation/travel.¬†¬†Pack items that are versatile.¬† It means less stress in the morning when you are trying to get ready and head out the door.

I love these Mossimo shirts from Target.  I had some previous to our house fire and bought some more to replace the ones I lost.  I like them that much!  They are so versatile.  They are kind of dressy but still casual!

mossimo shirt

Last time I checked they were on sale for $7.¬† You¬†just can’t beat that for a good¬†tee!¬† Throw a cardigan over it, wear it with a¬†scarf, tuck it into a pencil skirt… the possibilities are endless.¬† (Just click on the picture¬†for a link to purchase the¬†shirt).

Next up… shampoo, hairspray, and anything else wet and sticky!¬† This tip is especially important for traveling via airplane.¬† If you don’t know by now, your luggage IS NOT handled with care.¬† They throw those suitcases around like footballs.¬† Your stuff will never be the same!¬† This leads me to my point… wrap that stuff up.¬† I like putting mine in a ziplock bag or doubling them up in a plastic bag you would get from Wal-Mart.



And no… this isn’t an advertisement for Dove… just a picture I found.¬† I would be SO upset if I got all the way to California and all of my clothes were covered in shampoo.¬† If there was a leak, having the “wet” items contained will help out a lot.¬† I once had hairspray all over my clothes.¬† Two word- not fun!

The next couple of tips will be more about getting to your destination comfortably.¬† I’ll mainly be talking about air travel, since that’s how we are traveling to California.

I almost always wear a scarf on days when I will be on the airplane.¬† Airport and airplane temperatures can vary.¬† I’ve also had to get off of a plane outside of the airport before.¬† I was wearing a sleeveless top and sandals.¬† It was 32 degress outside.¬† That was a blast!¬† You can wrap the scarf around your neck or shoulders, use it as a pillow, or hide a neck lanyard that you use to carry all of your “need to easily access” items (credit card, cash, boarding pass, etc.).¬† I’ve done this before and it’s SO much easier than digging through a purse every time you need something.¬† I hate purses.¬† It’s not even a love-hate relationship… it’s pretty much a hate-hate relationship.¬† I don’t like a lot of fuss and purses are fussy- and they make ME fussy.

You should try the landyard thing.  I used a very small clear,plastic zippered pouch.  This one to be exact.


You could attach that to the end of a necklace to be a little more fashionable.¬† Covered with a scarf, nobody will ever know it’s there.¬† Plus, you can’t really get our pocket picked if you pocket is near your chest.¬† Pretty sure I would notice if somebody stole some money from there.¬† You would be surpised at how many people have their pockets picked in airports.¬† Sad but true.

Another tip to remember about air travel is that you will have to take your shoes off to go through security.¬† Wear these…


NOT these…


Both of these shoes are adorable, but one is a lot easier to slip on and off than the other.¬† If you just HAVE to wear these cute lace up boots, make sure you arrive to the airport a few hours earlier.¬† ūüôā

One last tip and this has nothing to do with getting there, but it is just as important.¬† Make sure you have a few ideas in mind about what you would like to do once you get to your destination.¬† They don’t have to be set in stone, but you don’t want to have NOTHING to do once you get there either.¬† On the same note, don’t over stuff your agenda with one thing after another.¬† That is NO fun at all.¬† I don’t like to be in a hurry or rushed when I’m traveling or on vacation.¬† Having a packed agenda can cause you to get cranky and even miss things!¬† Just slow down and have fun!

I hope I didn’t bore you with this post.¬† I’ll cross my fingers and hope that you could actually take away a thing or two.¬† Do you already do these things or were some of them new to you?¬† Leave a comment below with your favorite travel tip!




3 thoughts on “Travel Tips 101

  1. I learned this the hard way: don’t travel with aerosol spray cans on a plane! Doesn’t matter the size- it will probably lose it’s pressure due to the high altitudes on the flight. You are left with a can of product with no air to push it out ūüôā
    Either buy the pump sprays or buy your aerosols at your destination. One more tip: Downey wrinkle release spray works well for suitcase wrinkles and it’s a pump!!! Yes I love to travel and I write and rewrite my lists for weeks before I go !!!!

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