I’m Beaming

Remember when I posted about busting out of jail? If you didn’t get to read that post, click here. I told you that I would share more deets about the beams.  They are rought cut 6″ x 6″ pine beams. We bought them at a local saw mill in town. For privacy reasons, I won’t give a name and phone number; however, if you would like contact info, just leave a comment below.

The “saw guy” offered to plain them for us, but we declined. Plaining them would have given them a very smooth finish. We wanted them to have a little more texture and maintain some character. They do need a light sanding, which I can do with my hand sander. We also plan on sealing them with polyurethane, which will darken them just a touch.

Wanna talk price? Would you like to take a wild guess at how much they cost? So you will know how to accurately estimate the price, we purchased (3) eight foot beams and (1) twelve foot beam. So, that’s 36 foot of 6″ x 6″ beams. I’ll give you a minute to think about it…

Are you ready? $45 dollars. Yes, I said FORTY.FIVE.DOLLARS. Can you believe that? I mean, we were thinking we would need to add a zero to that figure, more along the lines of $450. It pays (literally) to shop local 🙂

Would you like to see them in action? It’s amazing how different this part of the house looks… and the sheetrock will be like icing on the cake.


This is looking from the dining room into the living room.  Please excuse the mess.  We are existing in total mayhem right now 🙂

The next picture is looking from the living room back into the dining room.


Do you remember what it used to look like?


Isn’t is SO much more opened up now?  I feel like I can breathe.  Do the new beams remind you of the inspiration photo?

beam inspiration

We’re getting there… slowly but surely!  I’ll be sharing more progress pics in other posts as soon as these rooms keep coming together.  Do you like the beams?  Did you think they were a good price?  Leave a comment below to tell me how much you guessed they would cost!

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