Front Bath Updates and Ideas

Why don’t we just cut straight to the good stuff? Yesterday, I introduced you to our front bathroom (aka- the guest bathroom). If you missed the post, just click here. I told you I would be sharing some updated pics and the mood board. Since the mood board is prettier than a “tow-up” bathroom, we’ll start with that!


Well, what do you think?  J.C. and I love where it’s going… or soon to be going.  The tile guy came over yesterday and work should start within 3 weeks.  Let me expand on each item.

1).  This is the river rock tile that we are going to be using on the floor of our WALK-IN SHOWER!  Yep, you heard me right.  We’re getting a walk-in shower.  VERY EXCITED… as if you can’t tell.  The tile is the MS International 12 in. x 12 in. Black/White Pebbles Marble Mosaic Floor and Wall Tile from Home Depot.  It’s kind of pricey at $10 a tile; however, we only needed 15 of them.  We think this will add that little extra touch to our shower… and make it feel like you are taking a shower under a waterfall with those pebbles under your feet 🙂  Day dreaming.

2).  We will have two of these mirrors, one over each sink of our double vanity.  They are lightweight and tilt up and down to your preferred setting.  They are the MOEN Glenshire 22-13/16 in. x 26 in. Pivoting Mirror in Spot Resist Brushed Nickel from Home Depot.  We are going with brushed nickel hardware and faucets in this room, so these should “play well” with everybody else.

3).  Aren’t they pretty?  I read online to never use lights over the mirrors in your bathrooms because they cast weird shadows on your face.  The lights in my bathrooms at our previous house were above the mirrors, so there wasn’t much I could do.  Since we are kind of starting from scratch, I decided we would put them to the sides of the mirrors.  So, I ordered three.  It will go something like this…. Light – Mirror – Light – Mirror- Light.  Make sense?  Here’s a rough sketch of how it will look.


Do you like it?  Now we (and our guests) shouldn’t have any “weird shadows” on our face when we are trying to put on our makeup.  Oh, I guess I should share the source.  This is the Nuvo Lighting Decker Brushed Nickel Vanity Fixture w/Clear & Frosted Glass from Bellacor.  We ordered three and I got a really good deal on them.  For some reason two of them were marked down to $33.97 a piece and the other was $65.99, plus I got free shipping.  That’s a savings of $64.04!  Yee haw!

4).  This is the tile that will be used on the bathroom floor and shower walls.  Once I saw it in the store, I was in love.  I brought a few pieces home, along with some of the river rock and a grout sample and J.C. was immediatley sold.  YAY!  This is the Style Selections Leonia Silver Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile from LowesThere are a few different sizes but this is 12″ by 24″ tile.  It’s very affordable!  The picture above doesn’t do it justice.  If you want to see it in action, click here to see it in Sarah’s basement bathroom.  They look awesome!

5).  Now, this little digitized picture does not do this accent tile any justice.  I almost considered leaving it off the mood board because of the poor quality of the picture; however, I didn’t want you to miss out!  This is the Daltile Stone Decorative Accents Snow Illusion 3 in. x 12 in. Decorative Accent Wall Tile from Home Depot.  We will be using it as an accent in our shower and in the little shampoo/soap holder thingy.  This is what I’m talking about.


I found this picture online at Home Depot under the customer reviews.  We are going to double up and use two tiles (one on top of each other) for the accent.  Isn’t the little nook to hold all your shower “stuff” pretty cool?  I’m excited about that too… which isn’t saying much because I’m normally excited about one thing or another. #happypersonproblem  🙂

6).  I thought I would show the door here because there are two doors in the bathroom and both of them are being replaced.  One is the hot water heater closet door and the other is the entrance door.  This door is from Home Depot.  Are you surprised?  Between three houses (previous home, new home, and flip house), we should own stock in Home Depot by now.  Anyways, it’s the Masonite Smooth 2-Panel Arch Top Hollow Core Primed Composite Interior Door.  We will be using this door to replace ALL of our interior doors, not just the bathroom.  Well, I take that back.  I have a little surprise up my sleeve for one door.  More on that in another post!  Most of them will get a couple coats of SW Sealskin, like our dining room door.

7).  Let’s talk money.  This thing wasn’t cheap.  I had never really needed to shop for a double vanity before because both of our bathrooms in our previous home only had room for a single vanity.  I kept looking and looking and looking.  The cheapest one around is still about $1000.  Lump in throat.  But here’s the deal…  You use a vanity a million times a day.  Unless you are purposefully trying to damage it, the thing might just out live you!  I found this one at Home Decorators.  I had never even heard of them until I started looking for “stuff” for the new house.  Their line is carried at Home Depot, but this vanity wasn’t, so I ordered it directly from them.  It’s the Austell Double Bath Vanity.  Isn’t it pretty?  Do you want to pet it?  Come on over, it’s sitting in my living room right now.  My sister-in-law house sat for us so they could deliver it.  It was so heavy she told them to just leave it right there.  I got home and saw that the box said 245 pounds.  That is pretty heavy!  Thanks C!

8).  Now, this may or may not happen immediatley but I would love to eventually add mirrors and some trim work to the built-ins.  Do you remember the built-ins?  Here they are.


Just imagine new hardware, hinges, painted walls, and tiled floors.  Can you see it?  Wouldn’t those built-ins look lovely with some antiqued glass/mirrors and trim work on them?  I think so.

9).  Last but not least, the paint.  We have chosen Lazy Gray by Sherwin Williams.  Of course, the computer swatch is never the same as the “real thing.”  It’s a grayish blue color with more gray than blue.  The trim and built-ins will be white.  I’m not sure if we will go with off the shelf white or an actual mixed color.  I’ll let you know when I find out!

So, what do you think of everything?  Do you like it?  I obviously didn’t include everything in the mood board.  We are getting new faucets for the vanity and shower, new hinges and nobs for the builts-ins, etc., etc., etc.!  And let’s not forget to mention accessories and art.  I can’t wait for this room to come together!  I promised pics of the demo in this room so here they are…




Doesn’t everything look different?  It’s all gone… except for the built-ins.  The last picture is where the bathtub used to be.  That’s where our walk-in shower will go.  It looks small in the picture because it’s hard to photograph but the size of the shower will be 5′ long by 3′ deep.  Well folks, I hope you like everything!  Leave a comment below and tell me what kind of art, accessories, and window treaments I should use in this space.

P.S.  I am not being paid to say nice things about Home Depot, Home Decorators, Lowes, Sherwin Williams or BellacorWe have purchased multiple items from all of these companies and have been very pleased with our purchases.  All of the opinions expressed are my own.




10 thoughts on “Front Bath Updates and Ideas

  1. This is going to look great!! Accent colors….. Hum…. When you are at a waterfall what colors stand out?! Due to your walk in river walk shower?! Yellows? From the Sun? Light blues from the sky? And greens from grass and moss? Idk! 🙂 pick some colors that make you feel clean and refreshed! I can picture some yellow chiffon material on the windows for ‘sun rays’ 🙂 and white Daises on the countertops with some moss and small twigs and round rocks?!

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