Introducing… Our Front Bathroom

You’ve met our back bathroom in this recent post.  I told you I would be posting some updated pictures soon.  I still plan on doing that by the way!  This bathroom is the one that our guest will normally use.  Not that they can’t use the master bath, but this is the “guest” bath.  Do you know what I like about this bathroom?  The location!  It’s a prime piece of real estate people.  It’s positioned closer to the back of our house.  It makes going to the bathroom, well… private.  Some bathrooms that I’ve “used” have been right by the kitchen or main area… which can make thing get real weird, real quick. 🙂

Not that we’ve discussed potty talk, let’s get to the good stuff… the pictures!

Here’s the “wide angle” view of the room.  I’m standing in the door taking this picture.


As you can tell, this room gets a lot of natural light.  I LOVE natural light.  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and always put me in a good mood.  There is a ceiling light/vent/heater thingy on the ceiling but the light doesn’t put out enough LIGHT to talk about.

The foot print of this room would be 8′ wide by 12′ long, if it were totally empty; however, it isn’t.  There’s a double vanity, closet, built-ins, bathtub, and toilet.  And after all that fuss, I don’t really know how big (or small) it is.

Let’s move forward shall we?  Here’s a better shot of the built-ins.


I love these built-ins.  Well, let me make myself a little more clear.  I love the fact there is a TON of storage.  They will be getting a facelift for sure!  They go all the way to the ceiling and are probably around 6 foot long.  See what I mean by lots of storage?  Next up, the vanity.


Isn’t she… well, no comment.  I love yellow in the home, I really do… just not on the top of my vanity.  She’s old and tired and it’s time for her to retire.  The mirror in this room also bounces around a lot of light; however, it’s also going to the graveyard.  Oh, I should mention the throne.  It’s… uhm… well, let’s just say it wasn’t made for a tall person.  My knees are in my chest when sitting on this toilet.  And you are SO welcome for that mental picture 🙂

One more thing about this photo.  Do you see that door just to the left of the vanity?  That’s the hot water heater closet.  The hot water heater inside supplies the front and back bathrooms with HOT water.  It’s a full size hot water heater, so not much else fits in that closet.  We have been tossing around the idea of getting an instant hot water heater and hanging it on the wall.  It’s significantly smaller and would allow us to utilize this closet much better.

Moving right along… the bathtub.


There’s one word and one word only for this tub- small!  The showerhead comes to J.C.’s chest, at most.  So, when he’s rinsing his hair he looks like the Hunchback of Notre Dame… no joke!  It’s actually pretty amusing.  And don’t even try to sit down, lay back, and get comfortable.  You may WILL get stuck.  Oh and one other disclaimer.  Don’t wrap your hair in a towel in the tub and then try to get OUT of the tub.  It’s like running into a tree limb every.single.time.  Not fun!

No worries people, the bathtub is going bye bye as well.  We don’t want to seem ungrateful for what we have or act like a bunch of divas (that’s questionable), but we just want the house to represent us… not the 70s.  So we hope you understand why we are changing a lot of things.

I plan on posting (hopefully tomorrow) about the progress that has been made in this room.  I will also share a mood board that I have put together for this space, along with some inspiration photos.  I sure hope you will like our ideas!

So, do you like the front bathroom?  Have you ever visited and tried to grace the throne in this bathroom?  Did you notice that your knees were touching the ceiling?  Can you see the possibilities in this space?  Leave a comment below!


12 thoughts on “Introducing… Our Front Bathroom

  1. I vote yes on the instant hot water heater! No more “should I wait to take a bath? I have the dishwasher on hot, clothes washing machine on hot… And hubby just took a 20 minute sit down shower… Should I wait on bathing the kids tomorrow so I can get a sponge bath tonight? Or just use baby wipes?? Plus, it’s entergy efficient, it won’t keep reheating water while your gone for a day or two, and it is safe for kids because you can have a set temp for hot water! (F.y.i…. I have never taken a baby wipe bath, haha)

  2. We are almost 100% sold on getting one. It does save money and uses way less space than a conventional hot water heater. And we won’t comment on whether or it we’ve had a baby wipe bath. Thanks for commenting!

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  4. I think the shorties who have visited this bathroom are few. Loveable but FEW. The rest of us have always felt like awkward giants in there. lol! good work!

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