Back Door and Laundry/Mudroom Updates

Remember our old back door… with the peep hole… that I couldn’t see out of?! I posted about it here.  It was brown, like most things in our home and just made me feel sad. Here’s a pic to jog your memory.


But today is a new day and now we have a new door to grace the back of our house!  I’m so excited.  It looks so good.  Like you just won’t believe how good it looks.  It’s just fabulous… and gorgeous… and did you want to see a picture?

This is the inside view.


And the outside view.


CAN I GET AN AMEN?!  I mean, doesn’t this look so much better?  It obviously needs some jewelry (hardware) and maybe a little makeup (paint), but I’m still excited either way.  And “she” told me that she feels right at home.  I’m so glad.

J.C. and talked about painting the door the same color as the dining room door, Sealskin by Sherwin Williams.  Just to get a better “picture” of how it might look, I painted the door in Photoshop.  Now let me warn you… I’m still learning Photoshop.  This may get ugly… really quick; however, I think you will get the jist.


Do you see where I’m TRYING to go with this?  The walls will be painted Eider White and I think that the Sealskin door will pop!  What about you?  Would you paint the door a dark color since the walls are going to be bright and light?  Do you remember the mood board that I shared with you guys for this room?  Here’s a refresher if you don’t recall our plans.


I painted the door Sealskin for the mood board and I think it looks really nice.  Since we are here, I wanted to elaborate on a few of the items in the picture above.

The light!  It’s the Harbour Point 19″ Wide Liberty Gold Ceiling Light from Lamps Plus.  Let’s take a closer look shall we?


Now, if you clicked on the picture, you might have noticed the hefty price tag at $239.90.  Do you think that this penny pincher spent that much money on one light… when I have a BAGILLION to replace?!  Nope… not gonna happen.  I had been eyeing this thing and day dreaming… but didn’t think the “dream” would come true.  I happened to be browsing Lamps Plus and clicked over to their Open Box site.

Open Box is pretty self explanatory.  It’s when people order a light, open the box, and decide they don’t want it for one reason or another.  So, it’s sent back to the company and they discount it.  Well, somebody apparently couldn’t/wouldn’t use this light so now it’s mine.  Want to know how much I paid for it?  $169.86!  So, thank you to whomever opened this box and sent the light back because you just saved this chick 70 bucks!

Let’s move to the magazine rack.  I will start off by saying I have a “paper stacking” issue.  I like to make little piles of paper.  For example, I might have a bills pile, a file pile, a throw away pile, an I don’t know pile, and so on and so forth.  It gets annoying and everything looks cluttered.  I plan to use this little magazine rack to cut down on some of the “piles.”

magazine rack

Isn’t it lovely?  I think the wood and metal accents really make it a neat piece for this space.  And do you think I paid full price for this puppy?  Nope, I didn’t.  Urban Outfitters sent me a 15% off coupon and I seized the opportunity!  Saved myself $7.35!  If you want deets on this beauty, just click on the picture.

In the mood board, I showed a slate tile, but we have made up our minds on the flooring… we are going with hardwoods in the whole house, excluding the bathrooms.  I will post more about that decision later.

The brass handles will grace our built-in pantry area.  If you aren’t sure what I’m referring to… it’s the area to the left in this picture.


In the inspiration photo, I have them painted a soft bluish-gray color.  We will see about that… but I do know that I’m using these bad boys to replace the current handles.

bronze handles

These are from Pulls Direct and all of the info can be found by clicking hereThe current handles are really small for the cabinets.  These handles are 6.25 inches tall, which should really “fill out” the doors and make everything seem a little more grand.  I also ordered coordinating hinges from the same line of hardware at Pulls Direct to go with the new handles.

Oh and by the way, my Laundromat Shoes print that I posted about here finally came in.  Hopefully J.C. and I can working on framing it pretty soon!

Well, what do you think about this space?  Did you notice that we are going to have several different finishes in this room?  Brass handles and light fixture, silver accents on the magazine rack, and bronze back door hardware.  Does that make you crazy?  Some people have coordinating hardware throughout their WHOLE home.  And that’s okay.  I just like to mix it up and have fun.  What do you think about our choices?  Would you change anything?  Leave a comment below.









8 thoughts on “Back Door and Laundry/Mudroom Updates

  1. I think you should paint the door the dark grey color! Your hubby gets dirty during the day like mine! So hence forth the door does too! Plus, your baby will put paw prints on it as well 🙂 I think it will break up the white walls! 🙂

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