Patio Plans

Remember those tulip chairs that I posted about here that still haven’t been recovered?!  Yeah, I’ve been waiting to find some foam to use before I get started.  I found something that is sort of unconventional that I think just might work!  In the meantime, they are just hanging out on our little patio area with a lot of “stuff” from our previous home that needs to be looked at, washed, salvaged (or not), etc.  We weren’t able to keep much, but some of what we do have is junking up our patio- big time!




See what I mean?

Since it’s getting warmer outside, I want to get this area cleaned up and ready to use.  The inside of the house might not be as “enjoyable” for a while… so why not make the outside a fun place to be?!  The concrete out here definitely needs a good pressure washing!




Anybody wanna make 5 dolla?  Ok… I’m just joking.  I actually enjoy pressure washing; it’s liberating.

J.C. asked me if I was going to paint the outside of the door.  Remember what the inside looks like?  It’s in the dining room.  I posted about it here.


I painted it with two coats of SW Sealskin.  I’m just not sure about the outside yet.  Our exterior brick is extremely dark and most of the patio is covered so I don’t want this corner to look like a dungeon.


I think the current white(ish) color is actually doing the door a favor (for now); however, we are considering painting the brick down the line.  At that point, the Sealskin paint color might be just what this door needs… but for now, I’m not going to mess with it.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!  Right?

The whole patio measures 12′ wide by 29′ long, but only 18′ out of the 29′ is covered.  The tulip chairs and table will definitely stay under the covered area.  Right now, it just doesn’t seem very cozy out there.  There are a few contributing factors… other than all the junk and the concrete that is in desperate need of a bath.

Suspect #1


Yeah… can you say deer in the headlights?  Don’t get me wrong, this light is very “powerful” and lights the patio up like the 4th of July.  I just like something a little more subtle.  This is what it looks like when you turn it on.


OK… OK… OK… I just couldn’t resist that one. haha!  I want to replace this light and add another light source as well.  I have this light picked out to replace the old one.


It’s the Pearson One-Light Oiled Bronze wall light from Bellacor.  It’s much prettier than the other one and feels more like a “patio light.”  The other lights that I plan on purchashing are these babies.

globe string lights

It’s 100 foot of globe patio string lights from Amazon.  I’m so excited about them!  Here’s an inspiration pic.  I hope ours looks this pretty.

The only thing I can’t decide on is whether I should get green wire or white wire.  I would normally go with green but my “ceiling” is white.


See what I mean?  The white wires might blend in, as where the green wires might stick out like a sore thumb.  Right now, I’m thinking white… we shall see 🙂

I hope that by changing out the flood light and adding these string lights, it will give our little patio area a little more ambiance.  It will feel more romantic out there!  Spring is in the air… and so is love.  Another trick I have up my sleeve is to add a dimmer to the new patio light.  I sure hope that we can make that happen.  I should probably consult with my electrician, I mean J.C.!  It sure is nice to be married to a handyman.  Love ya babe!

I’m sure we will do some other things to this little area, like add potted plants and maybe some DIYed artwork.  I have a few ideas.  For now, I’m going to do some more planning and see what I can come up with for the uncovered portion of the patio.  J.C. needs a place to grill.  Some seating around the grill would be nice too.

Well, what do you think of our patio plans?  Do you like the string lights?  Would you go with white or green wire?  Want to come over and help me power wash?  See ya at the next BBQ!

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