To the Window… To the Wall

If you know the song I’m referring to in the title of this post, you more than likely have it stuck in your head now! You are welcome! If you haven’t heard of that song… watch the Proposal with Sandra Bullock. She and Betty White nailed it!

Speaking of nailing, windows, and walls… we just recently had a wall taken down and another one added. Our “new to us” house is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath. The master bedroom is was very small and didn’t have a closet in the room. There were two slim closets in the master bathroom that made it feel very cramped. Here are some photos so I can make more sense of things.


This is the east wall of the master bedroom.  That window is on the front of our house.  You can tell from the picture that the room is very small.  The door to the bedroom can’t be seen but it’s in the right corner of this picture.  Here’s another picture to show you the north wall of the bedroom.


The door opening that you see on the left leads to our master bathroom.  It isn’t very grand right now… but oh do we have BIG plans to make it fabulous.  Let’s take a look at the bathroom!


Here’s the sink, pony wall, and shower.  The toilet is hiding behind the pony wall and the “slim closets” that I mentioned are across from all of this fabulousness.  I might add, the bathroom doesn’t look exaclty like this anymore.  The wallpaper and carpeting are both extinct gone.  Wanna see a picture of the throne?


It’s pretty much the same as every other thrown in the world 🙂  And I don’t even want to know what happened when the toilet overflowed onto the carpet?!  How do you clean THAT mess up?

And last but not least in this room… the closets.


They are identical twins.  Let’s name them!  How about Teeny and Tiny?!  I don’t have many clothes right now because most of them were ruined in the fire; however, I will have to replace them… eventually.  If you know me, you know I like shoes and clothes, so J.C. and I agreed a larger closet would be nice.  This means that these closets will be “sledged.”  This will give us a much larger master bathroom and even enough space to add a bathtub instead of a corner shower.  I will do another post on another day about the master bathroom plans, which will include a mood board. Yay!

So, if we knock out these closets, we need to replace them somehow.  There isn’t room in the master bedroom because it’s small.  We decided to look elsewhere.  Enter the front bedroom.


Here she be!  She is also very small.  My wheels got to turning people.  Why not take two small bedrooms and turn them into one?  It’s a genius idea.  This wall below is the one that was demolished.  Now that it’s gone, the front bedroom and master bedroom are ONE.BIG.BEDROOM.


That door on the left will be closed in so that we will we have only one entrance into our bedroom, through the original master bedroom door.  Just past the window will be our walk in closet!  I’m really excited.  This does make our home 2 bedroom, 2 bath; however, we are okay with that.  We want to add on to this house in the future so we can add more bedrooms then.  We don’t have kids right now so having TONS of bedrooms isn’t a big deal.  Here’s what our new master closet will look like.


Ok… so… maybe it won’t look exaclty like this, but I’m just trying to give you a better understanding of where it will be.  Our new bedroom will end at the window, which is where the exterior closet wall will begin.

Here’s the progress the carpenters made!


This is obviously mid-construction.  You see that rectangle on the ceiling?  That’s the old front bedroom closet… well what’s left of it.  Here’s a picture of the new wall for the master closet.


In this picture, you can see where the wall used to be that seperated the two rooms!  It looks so spacious!  Plus, we now have two windows in our master instead of one.  I love natural light, so I’m stoked!  Just a reminder that all of the paneling will be sheetrock as well!  Can’t wait for that!  Everything will seem so light and fresh!

Here’s a look at the other end of the room.  I’m actually standing in the closet and shooting towards the north end of the room.


I’m not sure you can tell much from this picture but the room looks so much bigger already!  I have some plans for this room, but none of them are concrete. Well, I take that back there is something that’s concrete… the flooring. UGH! So ready to have our new flooring down! That is yet another post for another day!

It’s hard to plan a room that hadn’t existed until recently. I just couldn’t picture in my head how big it would be… or where I might place the bed, furniture, etc. Now that it has been enlarged, I can make a few more decisions. I will share a mood board for the master bedroom very soon!

Have you ever taken a wall down at your house? Did you do it yourself or have it hired out? We went the “hired out” route because they know exactly what they are doing and can work A LOT faster than J.C. and I. We tend to argue when we work together… or maybe we are flirting with each other… I don’t know 🙂

Comment below to tell me whether or not you would have moved that wall. Are we crazy for taking out a bedroom to make another one bigger and add a closet? Too late now!  P.S.  More work has been done in the master bath so I will post about that changes very soon!


12 thoughts on “To the Window… To the Wall

  1. A sitting and dressing/makeup area with a floor to ceiling detached mirror (the ones that just lean against the wall) from home goods 🙂 would be a fun girly idea for all that extra space!

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