Dog Food Made Pretty

As I mentioned the other day, Scooter is a big part of our family. So are our outside dogs. Between bad weather and working a lot, we haven’t had time to create a space for our other dogs. They are still living at our old house right now. We go over there every other day or so to check on them and play for a little while. Sooner than later they will be out here with us… gotta get that pin ready!

Their dog food stays outside in a shed, but Scooter’s stays inside… in plain sight. Let’s face it people, dog food isn’t the prettiest home accessory. And on top of that, the containers for dog food usually aren’t much to look at either. I guess we are just lazy, but we aren’t the type to “hide” the dog food. It stays out in plain sight 99.99% of the time.

I figured I better just embrace the fact that I’m lazy and find a solution for the dog food 🙂
Off to Wal-Mart I went. I sort of knew what I had in mind, but needed to make sure I could make it work. Enter this glass jar-


2gallon glass jar

It’s simple really… just a 2 gallon glass jar with a lid.  I picked it up at Wal-Mart for $9.97.  I also picked up an extra bag of dog food so I could fill this puppy up!  UH-OH!  I’m making animal jokes again… in a post… about dogs and their food.

This next part is very detailed and in depth.  You may want to get out a pen and pad.

I drove home, took the glass jar and dog food inside, opened the dog food, poured it in the jar, and put the lid on.  PHEW!!! That was rough.  Did you get all of that?

Okay, in all seriousness, that was all there was too it.  Want to see a picture?




Isn’t it pretty?  It’s a lot better than the bag just sitting there.  Another perk about this glass jar is that pesky creatures and sneaky puppies cannot get into it when I’m not looking.  But then I kind of felt bad because it’s clear and he has to stare at all that food…. ALL.DAY.LONG!    Poor baby puppy.

Right now, as you can see, I just have a coffee mug in there.  I have plans to order this scoop from The Container Store.



It’s SUPER reasonable at 1 dolla and 49 cent!  That means this dog food beautification project comes in under $11.50 (not counting the dog food because I already had some and would have to buy that either way).

So, what do you keep your dog food in?  Is it visible at all times or do you keep it out of sight?  Or could you care less about the dog food bag being out and about?  Leave a comment below!





2 thoughts on “Dog Food Made Pretty

  1. Funny you should ask! 🙂 we keep our dog food outside! So I bought a cute tin trash can with a lid! It actually keeps ants and raccoons out! And it looks cute too! I have a wagon wheel and flower pot by it! I was very happy with the idea, because we have no storage inside for dog food, and critters get in the paper bagging!

    • Good idea because I have a very funny and scary story about reaching down into the dog food (when it was outside) and bringing up a lovely surprise. A momma mouse and her baby. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

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