Rhymes with Gerranium

Have you guessed what I’m talking about?! Yes, it’s terraniums! Well, actually it’s TERRARIUMS! I told J.C. that I was going over to my friend’s house after church on Sunday to make “terraniums.” He then talked to her husband and they started questioning whether or not it was terraniums or terrariums. So, they looked it up and us girls were proved wrong. It’s terrarium… which really doesn’t rhyme with gerranium 😦

They sure do know how to rain on our parade. And speaking of rain, it was storming really bad on Sunday so we had to do this project inside. The pictures aren’t very quality because there was NO natural light to work with… sorry about that. I tried to “doctor” them up a little bit.

I have made a terranium terrarium in the past as a Christmas present so I had a little experience; however, I had never made one to keep for myself. Needless to say, I was pretty excited about this little project. Just a few things before we get started…. If you were going to make a terrarium with a lid, you would need activated charcoal so that it wouldn’t mold and what not.  None of our containers had lids, so we didn’t need any.  Secondly, the bigger the container the better.  I say this because the plants will only grow as big as their “home” will allow.  So, if you put the plants in a small jar, they won’t have much room to grow.

Ok… let’s get started.  Here are the supplies that we used.



1. Container of colorful succulents- this can be split up and used in multiple terrariums

2. Potting soil

3. Decorative moss

4. Multiple containers

5. River rocks/seashells

6. Green succulents and a baby fern

7. Instructions out of a magazine- they can be found online too or RIGHT HERE 🙂

Oh and let’s not forget… a plastic birthday party tablecloth.  This is optional!


The first step is to place river rocks in the bottom of your container.  Make sure they are about 1 inch deep.




See, that was easy peasy wasn’t it?  The next step is to add soil on top of the rocks.  We used some kitchen spoons to put the soil in the container.  You will want to fill it up with enough dirt to give your plants a place to sit.



Resist the urge to put too much soil in at first.  It’s easier to add more soil to cover your plants AFTER you have put them in the container.  You don’t want to have to fight the dirt in such a confined space.  The next step is to add your plants.  We used a mixture of succulents and baby fern.








We split the baby fern into 4 or 5 different pieces.  The big container of succulents (#1 in the supply photo) was split into LOTS of little pieces and we even had 1/2 the container left over.

Here’s how were looking once you’ve added the plants.




After we added the plants, we put more soil in the containers to cover the plants and their root systems.  You could stop here, but what would be the fun in that?  We added moss, seashells, trinkets, etc.  The more you add, the more character your terrariums have.

Here are the finished products!








And here is the happy family!





Aren’t they gorgeous?  I read in a magazine that every room in  your home should have something living…. not including pets or humans 🙂  You could easily make one of these for every room in  your house.  It took us no more than an hour from start to finish (which included lots of “picture taking”).  The budget breakdown isn’t too shabby either.  We got all our our supplies for around $35.  Since the fern, soil, moss, rocks, and large container of succulents could be used for several terrariums, the project is pretty low cost.  The larger one that I made probably cost around $10.  You can buy these online for outrageous prices…. or you could just make one… or have me do it for ya 🙂

To take care of your terrarium, just mist it with a spray bottle when it gets to looking a little dry.  Succulents are in the cactus family, which means that they don’t require a lot of attention or water.  Ferns are a little more finicky… so that’s why misting might work out better.   You can mist the ferns without drowning the succulents.  Make sense?  It might not be a bad idea to let your terrariums get a little sun.  Maybe in the window seal or close to a natural light source!

So, do you like projects that involve plants?  Do you have a green or black thumb?  Mine is becoming more and more green each season… at least I like to think it is!!  Have you ever put together a terrerium?  Comment below!


One thought on “Rhymes with Gerranium

  1. I’ve got the perfect t-container and some little rocks and glass iridescent beads for you to make me one!!! I’ll buy my succulents and whatever else you don’t have! It can function as my one and only garden this year :)))

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