What the what?

Have you ever received a gift and said to yourself, “What is this?” or maybe, “What were they thinking?” I think it’s safe to say that sometime in our lives, we’ve all had that conversation… with ourself 🙂 And it’s probably a safe assumption to say that we’ve all given a gift like that as well.

As I get older, I consciously try to give gifts that people can actually use and that fit their personality. Let me share a few websites with you… and what I might buy for certain people.

I love Paper Source.   I wouldn’t really consider it to be a “gift giving” company because they specialize in stationery, paper, wedding invites, etc; however, their gifts are off the charts!

I might buy this for my nieces-

fingernail friends

Link to item hereIt’s relatively inexpensive at $6.95 and I think little girls would LOVE this.

Another gift that I might purchase from Paper Source would be-

survival kit

Link to item here.  This would be really cool for guys… especially guys that want to be able to survive if need be.  Paper Source also has really cool party supplies that I like to get inspiration from and then try to DIY.

Another source that has lots of fun little novelty items is Z Gallerie.

I might buy this for myself sometime.  🙂


Link to item here.  Come on… how funny would a bathroom guest book be?  I could spend all day reading it I’m sure… especially after a big get together.

I have a few family members as well as myself that like to journal.  This next item would be an awesome gift that could last a while.


Link to item here.

Wouldn’t it be neat to look back on what you wrote after 5 years?

The name of this cool little website says it all- Uncommon Goods.  For some strange reason I received this little “mini magazine” in the mail from some company I had never heard of before.  Wouldn’t you know it was right around Christmas?!  Maybe they wanted me to buy something?!  Well, it worked.  They can be a little pricey, but their gifts/products are definitely uncommon.  You won’t find these items just anywhere.

How cool is this thing-

pick punch

They don’t carry this item anymore.  So sad.  I have gifted this twice, to both of the Wesley’s in my life… my brother and cousin-in-law.  It was a hit with both of them and it really does make a good guitar pick.  Too bad they discontinued the item.

Another gift that I thought was cool-

birdie yarn bowl

Link to item here.  This is a bit pricier at $49.00, but for a special someone who likes to knit or crochet (hello to all the grandmas in the world), it would be an awesome gift.

There are many other places I love to pick up gifts, including but not limited to: The Container Store, World Market, Ballard Design, Etsy, TJ Maxx, etc.  I also enjoy giving experiences, like tickets to a water park or a play.  J.C. and I have also DIYed numerous gifts.  There’s nothing like giving a gift to someone that you put so much love into.  Warms my heart!

Where do you buy gifts?  Or would you rather give a gift card?!  What’s the “strangest” gift you have ever received?  Leave a comment below!  Do you have your eye on an item that you wouldn’t mind receiving for the next special occasion?

 P.S. This is not a paid post.  None of these companies asked me to say nice things about them 🙂

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