3 Doors Down

Yeah, so… 3 Doors Down is a group, that sings… but this post isn’t about them; however, it may involve singing 🙂 You never know. It is about doors though. Since we moved into the new house, I have tackled three doors. Well, not like a football tackle, because that would be painful. I’ve just paid some of them a little attention- the front door, the back door, and the dining room door (which leads to our patio where the tulip chairs are begging to be recovered- GET ON THAT ALREADY!)

Let’s start with the dining room door, because it’s the one I tackled first.


After the fire, I needed to do something that felt normal… so I painted the dining room door. How that is normal, I’m not really sure?! I guess it took my mind off of everthing that smelled like smoke. I had orginally planned to paint this door a dark color. The walls in this part of the house are going to be a light color. The dark door should give some nice contrast. I narrowed my paint choices down to:

Iron Ore

SW Iron Ore


tricorn black

SW Tricorn Black



SW Sealskin


urban bronze

SW Urbane Bronze


Tricorn back was TOO black and Urban Bronze was too brown.  That left me with Sealskin and Iron Ore… and I couldn’t really tell a difference between the two.  So, I went with Sealskin!  Want to know why?

baby seal

Come on people, why wouldn’t you? 🙂

After two coats of paint and some new hardware, this beauty was almost unrecognizable.


Speaking of the hardware, we are usign the Kwikset Smart Key Venetian Bronze line from Home Depot.  And they aren’t paying me to say this either 🙂  It’s very pretty but also SUPER COOL!  You can “re-key” the whole house to work off of one single key.  Simplicity is key! #corneyjokeproblems  I can barely keep up with one key, much less 20,000.  Oh… and don’t think you can come over, change the keys out and raid my underware drawer!  You must have the smart key and the key to the door… and I’m not giving you either of them.

Next, let’s move to the back door.


This is the door we currenly have.  There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this door.  I guess I just have first world problems.  First off, I can’t see out of it… there’s no glass or window.  This makes me crazy.  When somebody pulls up, I like to be able to see them.  My mom said, “I’m totally opposite, I don’t want to be able to see the robber!”  LOL.  I want to be able to see him so I can shoot him with my finger gun.


#gangstalife… Be afraid robbers… be very afraid.

To each his own right?!  You may have noticed the peep hole in this door.  Yeah, my belly button looks out of that peep hole.  Problem is, my belly button is blind, so… it helps me none.  We recently purchased this door to replace it with.

laundry room door HD

I love that the blinds are inside… means less cleaning for the queen!  Here’s the hardware!

handle keypad door

I’m SO excited I can’t even deal!  It’s a key pad.  Did I tell you how I can’t keep up with keys?  J.C. seems to suffer from the same illness.  It must be contagious.  Sorry babe.  I may or may not paint this door, but that’s another post for another day.  Stay tuned!

And last but definitely not least is the front door!  Here he be:


Inside view.



Outside view.

Sorry for the cruddy picture, it was SUPER cloudy outside.  Again, there isn’t anything wrong with him… I just can’t see anything.  I’ve been enjoying opening the door and letting the sunshine flow thru the glass storm door.  It lights up the room so beautifully, which leads me to the NEW FRONT DOOR!  It will have lots of glass.  I should be able to identify the robber very easily.  So, are you ready to see it?

front door

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!  Isn’t she beautiful!  It’s real wood and I’m stoked about the WHOLE SITUATION!  Here are her earrings!

front door hardware

Again, this is from the Kwikset Smart Key Venetian bronze line at Home Depot.  Click here to view the collection.  I think this door and new hardware will add so much character to not only the front of our home, but our living room as well.  She’s been ordered and should arrive this month.  I can’t wait!  COME TO MOMMA!

Doors seems to take a backseat, but I think they can really shine if you let them.  Looking for an inxpensive change around the house?  Try some new door hardware!  It really changes things up and I installed the dining room door hardware with minimal help.

So, have you changed up any doors lately? Or maybe I’ve encouraged you to notice something that we use a million times a day that normally goes unnoticed?  Are you a glass/window person or would you rather not see the robber?  Love ya Mom 🙂  Leave me a comment below!




14 thoughts on “3 Doors Down

  1. Hey, I like your door choices! You may convert me over to a glassy door person! Love ya
    PS: Keep your gangsta gun ready with those see-thru doors. ain’t nothing but a g -thang 🙂

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