Meet the Baby Puppy!

I would like to introduct you to Scooter… aka the baby puppy… aka the tootie man… aka a lot of other names 🙂


Isn’t he adorable?  Now, I know that puppies have nothing to do with home decor/decorating/DIY projects… but if you actually think about it, they really do.

Just a little history on Scooter… We got Scooter back in the Summer 0f 2010.  He is a Morkie- half Maltese, half Yorkie.  For the last 4 years, he has brought so much joy to our lives.  He IS a part of the family… like our child.  When J.C. called to tell me the house was burning down, Scooter was the first thing I thought about.  I knew J.C. was safe and out of the house… but was the “baby puppy?”  Was he okay?  Yes, he was 🙂  And I am so glad.

We celebrated his 4th birthday last week, March 27th.  I woke up early and we played together.  I gave him a bath that night and his daddy gave  him a “blow out” with the hair dryer.  He was ONE HAPPY PUPPY!

When we do home improvement projects, we often find ourselves saying, “well, what about Scooter?’  For example, when choosing flooring or furniture, we need to consider him.  I don’t think a white couch would work well for us.  I have walked into a situation just like this before.


I thought he was bleeding.  PANIC ATTACK!!!  And don’t you know if we hadn’t had dark colored couches, there would have been visible lipstick stains?    We are going back and forth on what type of flooring to use in our new house, but we also must consider the puppy.  If it is anything that can be ruined by getting wet, we can’t have it.  Like all dogs, he has accidents and that must be taken into consideration.  Isn’t it funny how a human, I mean a dog, can help you make furniture and design choices?  I would take Scooter over a white couch and fluffy carpet ANY DAY!!  Do you keep your pets in mind when doing things around the house??  What’s the worst “crime” your dog has ever committed?  Comment below!



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