Springtime Tulips

So… we were recently given an outdoor patio set; however, it wasn’t just ANY.OUTDOOR.PATIO.SET!  It was something very similar to the following:


But not exactly-


Yeah, so… this is what it actually looks like.  BOO!  Please excuse the mess… apparently that happens when your house burns.  This pic is not near as pretty as the first pic.  But oh do we have big plans.  Aren’t those “tulip” chairs so fun!?  The table base is a little rusty but it isn’t anything that a little “sand job” can’t fix.  The glass table top is nice… it keeps things open and airy.  The table base will probably have to be painted after I/we sand it down.  I’m not really sure what color I am going to go with yet.  Black or oil rubbed bronze seems safe but something different might be fun.  What color would you choose?

Anyways, last night we started demo.  We took the cushions off of the chair, which did not prove to be easy by any means.  There may have been a grinder involved… and some smoke.  We then moved to ripping the lovely hideous fabric off and finding that the foam underneath wasn’t worth saving.  It was wet (GROSS) and molded/mildewed.  The previous owners must not have kept this set under a covered patio/porch/deck at all times because the stuff was pretty moist.  We shouldn’t run into this problem because we plan on leaving them under our covered patio area.  We will keep our fingers crossed anyways.

In the process of trying to rip off some of the fabric, SUPERMAN… I mean J.C. and all of his brute strength broke one of the seats.  Yes, they are very thick plastic.  Yes, he is very strong. Anyways, he assures me that he can “fix” it with a concoction of glue and/or brackets.  If not, I think I could have a metal one fabbed up at a local shop.  I’m sure for a small fortune  🙂

I have tracked the fabric that I picked out at fabric.com and it should arrive TODAY!!!  I need to figure out what kind of foam I might use.  Then the fun begins- recovering.  I am very excited.  Here’s my fabric… what do you think?!  It’s a safe choice but something I think is classic and won’t be out of style by next summer.


So, what color would you paint the base?  Do you think my fabric choice is too safe?!

4 thoughts on “Springtime Tulips

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