Laundromat shoes

If you know me at all, you might think this post is about my love for shoes.  And yes, it’s true, I do love shoes, but this post is about laundromat shoes.  Back in October 2012, our dryer was on the fritz so we had to visit the laundromat.  J.C. came with me and while we were patiently waiting on the washers to “buzz”, we decided to have a little photo session!  And that’s how we got here.


Laundromat shoes 🙂

For some odd reason, I LOVE this picture.  Don’t know why, can’t explain it.  Anyways, I was designing a mood board for our laundry/mudroom in our new house and was needing to solve a big problem… A problem that looks like this-



Meet Mrs. Gray Breaker Box.

Isn’t she just lovely?  NOT!  Since I can’t move her, I’ll just cover her up.  So, as I was scrolling thru my phone one day, looking at old pics, the light bulb went off people!  Why not put a picture that I love in our new space and cover up that hideous eyesore, at the same time?  Plus it’s a picture of J.C. and I in a laundromat… for our new laundry room… above the washer and dryer… WIN WIN WIN!!!

Need I remind you, this room will look a lot different than it does now.  All the paneling will magically turn into sheetrock.  #iwish  Here’s my mood board for this space.


So, I opened the picture up in Photoshop and went to town.  I ended up tweaking it here and there, but the main change was that I added a cool filter.  This one to be exact.


Poster edges.  I liked loved the way it looked and this was the finished product.


Then I wondered… how shall I get thee photo onto paper product?  I racked my brain for a while then wandered onto Shutterfly.  I had never really used this site before but had heard rave reviews from 2 of my 3 lovely sister-in-laws.  I measured my space between the window trim and the corner and had 22″ to play with.  So, I proceeded to order a 20″ x 30″ poster of “shoes.”  It’s on its way HOME now and I can’t wait to put that puppy up.  But, I’m getting the cart before the horse (and making way too many corny animal references).  I need to figure out how to frame this bad boy!  Since the poster is 20 inches, I only have 2 inches to play with before it’s touching the window trim AND the corner.  I have to be able to add two hinges on the frame so that I will be able to “open and close” the picture to access the breaker box.  Got any ideas for me?  I’m thinking I might try my hand at something like what John and Sherry did to frame their bike prints.  Think it will work?  Let me know!

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