Hello all…

Well hello there.  It’s been since September 30th since we spoke last.  I sort of feel bad about that but at the same time, I’ve been super busy since then and don’t remember having a single week that was “normal” for me since that date.  What the heck is normal anyways?

I’m not sure that I evaluated my decision to start blogging again well enough, because I obviously don’t have time to devote to it.  Actually I do have time, we all have time.  I just find myself choosing other things over blogging.  I really like to write (in a journal and on here) because it’s a bit of a release and an outlet; however, I’m not sure if I can fully commit.

I guess my question is, would you rather me just quit or would you rather see posts on a very random, when-I-can schedule?  We have done some projects that I’d love to show you.  It’s just hard to find the time to take the photos, edit them to look pretty and then write and edit a post.  🙂  Leave a comment and tell me what you think.  Should I stay or should I go?!

Felted Wool

Normally when I think of wool, I think of being warm but also being a bit itchy.  You know those green army blankets that are made of wool?  They are super warm but not so soft and snuggly… am I right?  But now, my feelings for wool have changed.  And for the better!

J.C. and I have talked about painting the exterior of our house, which is brick (enter huge gasp) since day one.  The color of the brick isn’t necessarily our style and when something doesn’t feel right to you, what does the average human want to do?!  Change it!  And change we shall.  Here’s how she looked last time you saw her… in this post:


The only changes to this pic are that now ALL of the bushes are gone.  Like zip, zilch, zero, none.  And as soon as we did it, we both stepped back and smiled.  Now when you pull up to our house or just drive by, you can actually see the house.  And the both of us think it makes the house look a little bigger.  We have plans for some landscaping down the road, but that will probably have to wait until next summer.  Let’s get back on track shall we?!

Sherwin Williams is where we buy every bit of our paint.  For rental properties, house flipping, interior, exterior, EVERYTHING!  They have amazing colors, really good customer service and run sweet deals all of the time.  Just recently they had all of their paints marked 30% off so I started putting pin to paper paint to brick to see if I could find the perfect color for our exterior.

I started off with At Ease Soldier.


I liked it but I felt like it might be a little too boring.  It was nice but didn’t make me squeal with excitement.  Plus it seemed a smidge light, so we decided to try something a little different.

Next up was Connected Gray.


Don’t let them name fool you… there was nothing gray about it.  It was more of a true army green to me than anything else.  It was alright but really a little more green than I was hoping for.  J.C. seemed to like it a good bit, but I think that was only because he was comparing it to the previous color that we weren’t so in love with.

We have a little pump house… remember?  I posted about it here.  Every time I tried a color on the brick, I also painted a swatch on the pump house (well except for the At Ease Soldier).  Why you ask?  Because I want it to be the same color as the house.  The Connected Gray was not doing it for me AT.ALL on the pump house so it was officially a bust.

Next up was Oyster Bay.


Does that ring a bell anyone?  Yes, no, maybe?!  It is the color that I painted our shutters out front (well two of the four anyways)  Ooppss.  You can read all about why only two of them were painted and see that color here.

I figured if I liked it on the shutters (and since I had some left in the paint can), I might as well try it out.  It looked really nice on the pump house but was SO wrong on the brick.  It looks like a dirty white with a green tinge.  Bleh… no thanks!

At this point, I was feeling a little hopeless.  And J.C. was starting to ask how much dough I had spent on the samples. HA!  I told him not near as much money as us painting the house a color I absolutely hated and then having to do it all over again, dear.  I think he said something about me probably being right.  🙂

So, back to Sherwin Williams I went.  This time instead of picking colors out of the green family (we are looking for a greenish-grayish) color, I went to the grays.  I brought home about 3,712,904 samples and we finally narrowed it down to Intellectual Gray, which is a gorgeous gray with slight green undertones.


I went back to Sherwin Williams (how many trips is that so far?) and got the sample.  I couldn’t wait to get some on the brick.  I could tell as soon as I put it on the house and another swatch on the pump house that we were getting warmer.  Letting it dry gave us a truer feel of how it would look.  I told J.C. that this was really close but we should probably try the next color down.  Just one shade darker…

And voila!  Magic!  Slam dunk baby!  We found a winner in Felted Wool.


It looks amazing on the brick, awesome on the pump house and will set our house apart from all of the other 1970s ranch style brick homes in the world.  I’m so stoked about getting this bad boy painted that I can hardly stand it.  Here it is on the house and pump house (keep in mind the brick is basically and the pump house is basically white so the same color looks totally different):


So, our plan is to paint this fall.  After it cools down a smidge but before it’s freezing cold.  Oh and just in case you are wondering, my definition of freezing cold is anything below 60 degrees.  Call me a whimp, I don’t care.  I wasn’t made for cold weather.  Also, we need to beat duck season.  My husband loves to duck hunt on Saturdays so we need to at least be started before that gets going, which is normally around the 3rd weekend of November.  I already have our amazing babysitter booked for next weekend so that we can do the prep work (prep work is the WORST – but necessary).

We still need to pick a color for the siding, which is on the eaves of the house as well as under the carport and the fascia.  I’m going to make my life a lot easier and pick a color that is on the same swatch as Felted Wool.  So, it will be in the same family… just lighter.  Here are my options:

amazing-gray      wordly-gray

I have no clue which one it will be.  I’ll more than likely have to go get a test pot (or two).  The good thing is, I only have two options, which will make my life much easier.  I like easier!  So, this post is already over 1,100 words, which seems really long.  I need to wrap this thang up!  Let me know what you think of our Felted Wool.  And if you are free anytime between now and duck season, we could use a extra set of hands!




Rug Round Up

Hello there!  Hope your day is going well.  I have had a very productive day today so I figured I’d be a little more productive by writing a post.  My best friend and her husband just recently bought a new-to-them house and are renovating it… from top to bottom.  They’re doing EVERYTHING!  I feel like I’ve been there and done that before.  Oh wait, we have done that before. HA!

Anyways, she basically has me on retainer as her interior designer.  Weird thing is though, she still hasn’t paid me 🙂  But even so, I’m still “working” for her.  She messaged me the other day and asked me to help her find rugs for her girls rooms that would – 1) stand up to kids and 2) look timeless.  Both of those are very important.  Oh and they are doing a lot of their buying at Home Depot, so she told me the more options I could find there, the merrier she’d be.

Buying a nice rug is like buying a good bra… it’s going to be an investment.  Rugs aren’t something that most* people buy new every week.  I would think it’s safe to say that when people buy rugs, they keep them for a while or rotate them between rooms.  So, spending a little dough on a rug isn’t so bad when you realize that you’ll be getting some really good use out of it.

So one of the bedrooms has aqua, orange, white, and grays while the other room has pink and blue.  I figured that we didn’t need to choose something that would clash with other patterns she may be using in their rooms so here is what I come up with…

For the aqua/orange/white/gray room:

safavieh boston orange rug

Isn’t she pretty?  It’s low pile so it would be super easy to run the vacuum over.  It does have a pattern but it would play very well with other patterns/materials in the room.  The 8 x 10 cost about $285, which is a really good price for a larger rug.  And the brand is Safavieh.  We have a couple of their rugs and have been very pleased.  This one is a winner in my book!  (P.S.  My blog is just like before.  You can click on the picture and it will take you straight to the site I found it on for more info, details, pricing, etc.)

vintage rug

Isn’t it lovely?  I just adore the vintage look and pretty colors.  I think this would be timeless and could definitely “grow” with her little girl.  The brand is nuLoom and for a 8 x 10 it’s about $270, just a smidge less than the other one.  (Sorry for the crummy picture.  That’s the best I could get off of the website.)

And for the pink and blue room:

vintage rug blue

Well look at that!  It’s the same rug from above… just blue.  I fall pretty hard for a “vintage look” rug so these had me at hello FOR SURE!  It the same price as the orange, $270 for an 8 x 10.

shag blue

Because what little girl doesn’t want a thicky, shaggy blue rug in her room?  My niece would freak over this rug so I’m assuming that every other little girl would too!  The brand is Safavieh… but this time it’s a little more expensive – $335 for a 8.5 x 12.  That is a little bigger than the others so the price might be justified.

I know that’s only two options for each room, but that’s how my BFF rolls.  She wants me to pick a few that I think would be great and then she’ll pick from those.  I like to make people’s lives easier so this was truly my pleasure.  And who doesn’t like looking at pretty rugs?!

I’m not sure if she is going with any of these 4 options, but I thought a post like this might help some of my other readers.  Choosing a rug can be overwhelming because there are SO many different ones out there.  Short or low pile, patterned or solid, natural or synthetic fiber, etc., etc., etc.!?  HELP!

I do have one last bit of advice… make sure the rug is the right fit.  Obviously a rug that’s too big for a room just won’t fit.  And a rug too small will make everything seem out of balance and wonky.  If you are wondering how big (or small) of a rug you should purchase, jump on Pinterest and type in “area rug size guide”.  There are all sorts of guides to help you make a decision!








As promised, my first post back in the game is an update on the front bathroom.  I feel like it hasn’t changed much since you seen it last but actually it has.  The last post I wrote about our front bathroom was this one (just click the bolded words to get back to that post).  And here’s how it looked last…

Since then we’ve:

  • Painted the built-ins and added new hardware (you can barely seem there in this picture… just to the right)
  • Added art and accessories
  • Hung the door to the hot water heater closet

That doesn’t seem like a whole lot but when you’ve got a baby running around, it is a big deal, okay?!  It took my FOREVER to get those darn built-ins painted.  One day when I wasn’t at home, J.C. hung the built-in doors.  We’ve also added some custom art, painted by none other than my darling husband.  And lastly, he hung the door to the hot water heater closet.  That made the room look so much more “finished”… even if the trim hasn’t been caulked… or if it hasn’t been painted… or doesn’t have a handle.  Here’s the same view now:


And looking back the other way:


And the lovely built-ins:


As you can see, one of the doors STILL isn’t hanging.  That’s the story of my life, I tell ya!  Almost done with about a million projects.  What’s weird is that if fit before, but now it doesn’t.  That makes absolutely no sense to my little brain but it’s the truth.  So, I just need to either sand down the opening or the edges of the door just a smidge and it should fit.  Sheesh!

The art above the “throne” is a hummingbird that I asked J.C. to paint me.  Here’s the close up…


Isn’t she beautiful?  This watercolor is my favorite thing about the whole bathroom.  Oh and this painting is the reason I named this post “Humming”!  I know, I’m corny.  I just can’t help myself.  But seriously,  it’s really special to have someone you love so much paint something so beautiful.  This picture of the painting does it no justice.  If you’ve seen it in person, you can vouch for me and says it’s much prettier in person than on here.  🙂

And over by the sink there’s another painting and a big leaf that we picked up in a park on one of our many travels (Ft. Lauderdale, FL to be exact).  Here’s a closer look at the other piece of art.


It’s women picking poppies.  Say that fast 10 times. HA!  He painted it in college.  I love it too… like a lot.  The frame was gold, which didn’t look good in this room, so I painted it with some red spray paint to spice things up a bit.  Don’t you love it?

Here’s a very boring picture of the door that was installed:


As you can see there isn’t a handle and if you look closely, the trim looks a little dirty.  It’s not actually dirt, it’s nail holes and what not.  A quick caulk job (boy how I love a caulk job) and some fresh paint should do the trick.  We, well I, have painted a number of our doors a very moody color by Sherwin Williams called Seal Skin.  See one here and here.

I’m trying to decide if the inside of the bathroom can handle two dark doors, right beside each other none the less, or if they need to stay white.  I do think this room could stand a little more visual “weight” but I don’t know about 2 doses.  And I’m thinking it would look really weird for one of them to be basically black and the other to be stark white?!  What say you?

Ok so let’s move on shall we?  There is one thing in particular about this room that I don’t like at all…


That’s the ceiling above our walk-in shower.  And it’s peeling!  The light you see there is not just a light but also an exhaust fan that is well rated for this size room.  Every time we shower, we always turn the fan on… and always have.  So, that just tells me that our contractors probably didn’t use the right process to ensure that this wouldn’t happen.  Well, it’s pretty obvious, right?  I guess I need to do a little research and then spend some of my free time (since I have so much of that these days) scraping the flaking paint and doing it again.  Geez.  You think you’re done with a room and it starts all over again!  Oh well, I’m just happy to have a house.  🙂

So, what do you think of our guest bathroom?  If you don’t remember what it looked like before or maybe you’re new here, this should give you an idea of where we came from:


I’d say we’ve made some major progress.  I still need to do the following:

  • Sand and hang the last built-in door
  • Caulk around hot water heater closet door and paint; add handle
  • Possibly paint inside of bathroom door
  • Add baseboard next to hot water heater door
  • Purchase and install a permanent window treatment
  • Have J.C. fix the faucet on one sink (it’s acting weird)
  • Figure out where to hang a towel rack or hook?!

As far as I know, that’s it!  Seeing that we’ve done a lot of work in this room and the to-do list is pretty short, I’d say we are about 80-85% done, wouldn’t you?  Let me know in the comments below what your opinion is about painting the insides of those doors that are side by side.  Oh and if you have any insight on paint peeling above a shower, help a sister out!

I’m Baaaaaaacckkkkk!

Well hello there!! It’s been a while. I think about 9 months to be exact.  The last nine months have been filled with lots of diapers, dirty clothes, laughing, crying, crawling (now walking) and much more. All that to say, I’m glad I stepped away for a bit to make sure that I was a present mother to Jackson. Not to say that you can’t blog and be a good mom, but I knew I personally couldn’t do both. Being a mom is absolutely the hardest job I’ve ever had, but also the most rewarding… I wouldn’t have a different life for anything.  And just in case you are wondering how cute he is…


Jackson is 13 months old now and much more independent than say a 3 week old. ☺ That being said, I think I might be to a place where I can blog a little here and there… if that’s alright with you?!

We’ve done a lot of work on our house since I took my break and the Etheridge house is about to be listed for sale. HALLELUJAH!!! I’ll share posts from time to time (don’t know what my schedule will be like yet or if I will even have one).  Progress, updates, projects, mishaps, regrets, ideas, the works. And I’ve been thinking that maybe blogging will make me keep the house a little cleaner. WINK-WINK! Who am I kidding, I have a toddler?! Ha!!

And…I hope you aren’t expecting too much from me because like I’ve mentioned a couple of times in this post alone, I have a child now.  I also work 25 hours a week. Add in family time and extra curricular activities and that doesn’t give me a ton of time.  But I enjoy blogging and connecting with my readers. I just couldn’t stay away!

So, I guess we will be talking again soon! I think I’ll make it easy on myself and do an update on our front bathroom first. Much hasn’t changed but we have added a little art. Does that count as an update? It does in my book ☺

P.S.  Thanks to Courtney Hartness Photography for our photo above!